Alchema Is A Compact Device For Making Cider Or Mead

The purpose of the Creator of the project Alchema is to make the preparation of cider, wine, Mead and other drinks easier and more affordable for the average person. The first prototype of the device Alchema was released in 2014 since the system demonstrated at several major trade fairs and events. Now the team Alchema collects funds for the release of the first batch of devices on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The cost of the device for first time buyers on Kickstarter is $299. The system includes not only the gadget for the preparation of alcoholic beverages, but also a mobile application through which the user can select recipes, ask programs for Alchema and track the process of cider making. The gadget is added automatically weighs the ingredients and the app tells the owner that he forgot to do or what products are probably not reported. Before downloading the necessary ingredients the device performs sanitization of all surfaces using ultraviolet radiation.

The first batch of devices Alchema is scheduled for July 2017.

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