Alena Vladimir: “the Trouble With Incentive Schemes Of Russian Startups Is That They Are Not”

HR specialist about the conflict in “Dodo pizza”. The whole of this strange conflict of the former employees “Dodo pizza” with the founder on the sale of shares to third party investors for a HR specialist about one of our startups now not only make clones of global projects, understanding their ideas (its not “Dodo pizza”) and it makes the seams and failure (recall a series of loud and, in my opinion, bad closings clones from Fastlane Ventures), but also optional models peel Valley as well. Oh, thats cool and beautiful, lets introduce, not to understand the essence and the economy of this motivation.

I already about the “Dodo pizza”. A banal story that the basis of any motivation is the economy of the company, why do not often reach the founder of the initial stages of business development. “Lets see — happily he said, — the Valley of motivating employees in stocks, shares, options. And they work because of this long and well. We will distribute”.

And then it turns what you get. Again. The basis of any motivation lies economy. No decent project in the Valley, where the proportion is at least something worth not only in the brain of the founder, but in the mutual Fund world, nor shares, nor share, nor even an option so not giving away. Everywhere there is at least a moratorium on the term, value or order of sale.

And you will not be able to sell shares earlier than will not be at the cost cheaper than a new candidate from the market. Will explain — not cheaper at the moment, the value of the shares, and at the time you worked and were hired. That is, if real (not expected) value of the company per employee is growing faster than the more expensive programmer, with strong restrictions on the price you can sell the share. It is calculated.

And all restrictions on the sale of shares spelled out extremely hard the best lawyers. Why do we distribute shares share option. Yes, because at some point it is cheaper for the company than the market to pay professional thieves (Yes, I am Captain obvious). The cost of professional in the Valley are so high and do they hunt them so often that it is cheaper to give the right some potential possession. But it is potential.

But if the labor cost of the person below, no one gives. Something Elon Musk work its factories, fainting from overload to build innovative cars, nothing gives, also curses in Twitter and flaming emails about future happiness. In General, the motivation is in the Valley of the clever and challenging. It is we, not understanding, priraschivaet out beautiful motivational toys — hammocks, free juices and meals, kindergartens. The valley enters its only for long-term convergence of wages are the most expensive component of any project.

All just. You need to key employees worked every day for a long time and Vallecano. At the same time for a long day at work you would they were not paid. Very expensive in the Valley, even if you are a cleaner. But if not cleaner, it is generally a nightmare.

That is, they must want to do it on their own. Making the smartest HR specialist of modernity, the former head of this direction in Google Laszlo Bock. When building long-term non-obvious motivation for Google, he realized that young developers need three things. Interesting project, Dating and comfort (not to think about life — all in the Valley is expensive. And housing, and services).

And hes standing on campus free restaurants, laundries, organizes all sorts of home of joy — until the opportunity to sleep and shower — and endless partying on Fridays. As a result, the programmer from the office is not going away at all. Do not go away independently. To overpay it is not necessary. But on the other hand, he hangs a strict rule assessment — every year 20 percent of all employees who received the worst results go.

That is, the developer is fighting for his comfort. He works long and well. Bingo. Our company. They repeat the form.

For example, one last loud startup (now become normal on the economy, but for the sake of having conflict with the status of the Fund and the world with the blood replacing the entire management of the startup), just peels off the form. They have weekly parties ethnic food on Fridays boat riding, three times a week mandatory English, massage and something else. What did the programmer of this startup. He had no time to work.

Hes at work or ate or swam, or English teaching. And then the blood. The care Fund, care of the founders. Thank you for coming smartest person in the management of all this abolished and gradually with hell difficulty pulled. In General, the founder of modern Russian startup caught on the same thing, that these incentive packages caught the candidates — on the outside.

Not copying the basic calculations to the penny. How to make so that worked for me best for a minimal cost. Somewhere share somewhere free tapas, somewhere planted in the next room a pretty girl support. The trouble with our motivational schemes for startups is that its not scheme. This cargoculte Valley.

And while the founders did not include the head and in the head very hard counting machine, we will continue to watch in amazement at startup showdown in the specialized media.

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