“Alfa-Bank” created a movie about pursuing user financial assistant

In the first video financial assistant in the form of a Bank employee pursues a man appears at his bedside, telling about setting a limit on the card of the wife, then in his soul, where he says about the payment for utility services and the main items of expenditure. Then, talking about the possibilities to pay the fines, she runs behind his car until crashed into a pole head. The second video talks about credit card “100 days without %” through the story about a man who wants to return his wife to her parents.

According to representatives of Bank, the basic idea of rollers is to show that the app is always timely reports on expenditure of the user. “”Alfa-mobile” — financial assistant that follows you everywhere. He is omnipresent, a little obsessive, but you will always be aware of what is happening with your money”, — stated in the message of the company.

On the question of whether or not advertising violent (in the first video the woman selflessly hits the post in the second — the man wants to win back his wife), the Bank said. “This is not cruelty, this is a provocation”. The purpose of creating video calls not only brand advertising main products (applications and credit card “100 days without %”), but in General, the promotion of Banks Internet.

Choice YouTube the Bank explains that the video is “the most advanced mediaplaza”. The company is going to make her “one of the main tools for the ultimate achievement of the business objectives and engagement with their customers”. The target audience of advertising men and women aged 25 to 40 years old, living in major cities (50% of users “Alfa-mobile” live in Moscow or Saint Petersburg and are present in social networks).

We tried to create interesting and useful to clients, the video content of our channel, ranging from educational videos “Hot line video responses” to Bank staff and to play videos “Alfa-mobile” and “Bride”, which features characteristic of “Alfa-Bank” the same humor and light irony. The creative concept of the video “the Bride” has developed the Agency ADWISE and video “Alfa-mobile” implemented Smetana Agency in collaboration with Hype Production. On 22 October, the Bank released a video about the possibilities of mobile Bank “Alfa-Business mobile”, which focused on legacy functions of banks using the samurai and adding machines.

Source: google.co.uk/

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