“Alfa-Bank” shown in the advertisement deprecated functions of banks using the samurai and adding machines

The video was published on YouTube with the name “Coolest mobile Bank for business”. Entrepreneur in the advertising says about how he wants to earn much, but it bothers paperwork — for example, rewriting the details. He talks about the apps functionality “Alfa-Bank” payment account by sending a photo with details, receive notifications on the status of funds.

In the spotlight — young and daring entrepreneur, who talks about how doing business as “Alfa-Business mobile” makes his life easier. His usual “workdays” are shown with humor, and the characters, of course, a bit exaggerated. Ladies from the accounting Department, littered with papers and old calculators, samurai, upset, makes Hara-Kiri, but the Bank employee will notify the entrepreneur about the flow of money with a kiss.

The head of “Bulk business” of the Directorate of marketing of Alfa-Bank Jan Batashev said, what is involved is not a standard for Bank advertising approach. Almost all the videos were removed for banks in the standard scenario — the main characters pay by card in restaurants or shops, businessmen in expensive suits sit in modern offices and with a feigned smile for the camera. In the end, its totally unclear about what this video is, and that banks offer to customers.

We certainly didnt want to remove the video, which no one will remember. Decided to make a bright and unusual video in hooligan, even a little provocative style”. On the script and production of video was done by the company “Rielti group”, which is a customer of Alfa-Bank in the small business segment. The firm received awards of Cannes Corporate Media &TV Awards international competition New York Festivals International Television &Film Awards.

Alfa-Bank (customer). “Rivelli groups” (creative and production).

Source: google.co.uk/blog/what-startup-consultants-can-and-can-t-do-for-your-startup/

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