Alternatives to Outlook: Review of email clients for Windows

E-mail client interface, reminiscent of Sparrow for Mac OS. The application for the second year receives a premium IT World as the best email client for Windows. The Mailbird team understands that many users want to personalize and increase usability of the final product, and offers customers the following solutions for personalization. The choice of color schemes, configuration panels user interface and shortcuts.

The tendency to expand functional features of applications by other applications is gaining momentum. The developers took into account and that, therefore, the application supports touch control and connection of third-party apps such as Facebok, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Twitter, Evernote, Todoist and some other.

The app is available in paid (Pro) and free (Lite) versions. A paid subscription is, in turn, also exists in two versions. A year and a lifetime for $12 and $45 respectively. The paid version offers users a quick preview long messages and snooze messages.

“Dormant” snooze messages allow the user to postpone the reading of non-urgent mail for a specified period of time. Upon expiration of the deferral period, the message appears again as unread. Also the Pro version offers unlimited number of email accounts against a maximum of three in the free version. The trial period of free use the Pro-version is 30 days.

Cross-platform email client from the developers of Mozilla Firefox. App creators have laid the basis of the principle of OpenSource.

The benefits of such projects — timely detection and elimination of vulnerabilities, as well as a quick update products. Application developers are not spared the issue of security of personal correspondence. Message encryption, digital signature and certificate checking are responsible for the confidentiality of personal correspondence of users. Powerful spam filter copes with its task and amenable to training.

Functional features can be identified support modern mail protocols, RSS and Atom feeds, lightness, extensive catalogs of folders. Thunderbird “friends” with almost any encoding, is able to filter messages and to simultaneously work with multiple accounts. According to Mozilla, the product is 495 thousand users in Russia and 9 million worldwide.

Austerity and conceptual ageing user interface is designed to brighten up the large green button at the product website says “free Download”. Simple and convenient e-mail client in the style of Outlook.

Users are offered two product versions — Free and Pro. 30 dollar version offers an unlimited number of accounts (compared to a maximum of two for the free version) and license for commercial use. The advantages of the application is the connection of third-party services Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, support for touch devices and custom widgets. Import data from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat makes it easier the transition from other email clients.

E-mail client, characterized by powerful protective mechanisms with one hand and a complete lack of built-in spam filters, a tedious adjustment of the interface and a plain design on the other. On the background of free competitors, the app wins in ensuring privacy is kept at when comparing features and miserably loses in usability.

In everyday correspondence security requirements of most users are satisfied with standard tools offered by other mail clients, because the price tag of 2000 rubles for the Home version seems too high. Beautiful, modern and free email client.

In addition to well made user interface Inky boasts the ability to work with multiple accounts, flexible filters, cloud synchronization and easy visualization in which the user is prompted to choose color and icons for different accounts. The developers have built into the application automatically sort incoming messages by relevance. Messages from the closest contacts are marked with a blue drop, which means high importance of the message. Less important messages are marked spam and the less bright the drops and down in the list.

In practice there are cases when sorting is performed in a timely manner, which means assigning a greater importance to the most recent message. A logical simplification of the system of sort, which consumes a great idea care and attention to each user.

From the point of view of convenience, personalization Inky is trained and easily customizable client. ***. Finally it is worth mentioning an interesting OpenSource-development of Mailpile, which is in beta testing.

This app is free and lives on donations, and therefore does not contain ads. In addition, it is one of the fastest email clients with their own powerful search across email. To the data protection team to be taken seriously. The digital signature and the OpenPGP keys that are built into the kernel, ensure the security of your application.

An open code will improve the product, giving everyone the chance to introduce a useful function or to detect the vulnerability.


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