Altetsa — system marketing automation

Good evening all. My name is Eugene Sabanin. I am 31 years old. I am the founder Altetsa — web application for automation of marketing Department.

Before you start working on your own project worked as a marketer in many companies. To active development of Internet marketing had to pay special attention to traditional advertising technologies. But since 2010 have switched to Internet solutions, without forgetting the problems of marketing in Russian companies. Marketing automation is a result of my experience and professional development.

Because of this, that marketing in Russia is developed, as well as the network of McDonalds on Mars, I had to gain experience independently. As a result, in 2014 there was a ready tool for evaluation and marketing planning — web application Altetsa. The principle of operation is very simple and unpretentious. Form marketing objectives of the company.

Then create the coefficients of personal effectiveness. The achievement or failure to achieve goals is the total result data entry KPI. Because the value of the indicators can be assessed through four units of measure. Thanks to the entire performance marketing to become clear and transparent.

There is no blur in the expectations of the management and marketing how to evaluate the effectiveness of particular marketing actions. And in my experience, success is the result of the correct evaluation of the processes. You cant manage what you can measure. So, begin to use the demo version of the web application Altetsa, many managers have a more realistic look at your company.

Opinion began to embrace all that somehow affects the growth and welfare of business owners. And in some cases employees. The Director began to think not only monetary figures. Many saw their bottlenecks, not only in marketing.

For example, the loyalty index and many of the data for the ROI may describe the operations as sales and service support. The most important and significant step in the development of the web application became the library marketing indicators. It consists of more than 200 KPI. Thats why many companies at the very beginning of its work can simply select and run a job in those indicators that are most relevant for their specific features and the industry in General.

We have customers who even trained their staff using our library. As for the interface, our task was as follows — “nothing in excess”. All to the point and without frills. At the beginning of the development we certainly wanted to provide all sorts of options.

. The web service should be simple and effective. Our plans are to increase sale as well as, integration with other services in order to improve the processing of marketing data. Development of distribution network — is also the most relevant vector of development.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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