American restaurant has made the record of their robbery in viral advertising

The video shows the penetration of thieves in the restaurant and accompanies with funny captions. In the story, invented by the establishment management for commercial, attackers want to eat a dish of Mexican cuisine. “The guy wants tacos. The restaurant is closed. Im sorry, bro” — tell subtitles.

Once the thief cant smash a glass door with a stone, he drove up to the building on the other side and so tries to break another. The second time it succeeds. The hero joins his friend and together they begin to walk through the restaurant in search of money. “Guys are looking for tacos.

Buddy checks the pantry. No tacos”. “Maybe tacos flying in the air,” show the subtitle after several attempts of thieves to find the money. The third attacker of the movie is how the mother is already known heroes who “also want tacos” and leaves, taking with them cash register.

At the end of the video appears. “We take full responsibility for our tacos do to people. We are amazing”. In an interview with Las Vegas News 3 the main restaurant Manager Greg Carlson said that the cash register had no money, and the idea was the desire to find the robbers.

“We knew we wanted to help the authorities, but also we are a company with a sense of humor. We sat down, reviewed the materials and decided to have some fun”.


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