“An entrepreneur must be willing to complete vulnerability”

What advice can you give to founders of companies with which it does not agree investors or partners, or implying that they are crazy. There is not one person who built a good company, which would never ridiculed. If you are dependent on public opinion, you dont to be an entrepreneur.

This does not mean that you should ignore other points of view, but the final decision should be left behind. What techniques, mindset and skills of an entrepreneur greatly help him to become successful?. Most importantly, focus all of your energy on product and market. We must strive to create a product that people will quickly get used to it or that you are guaranteed to be able to sell more than once.

Everything else kind of culture and management — again. Do not switch on tinsel. Some people say about the existence of a new economic bubble, especially in Silicon valley. Are we again moving down, as it was in 2001.

Because in 2001, I was an entrepreneur, I can say that I do not feel the repetition of something similar in the near future. The prices have really grown on private markets in several technical sectors, but they quickly corrected. I dont see a massive crash on the horizon. In 2001, the Nasdaq lost 80% of its value.

Can bet anything that this will not happen again in the next five years. The current state of the public markets today scares many people, especially those involved in startups. How do you think the economic downturn affect the companys early stage of development.

In my opinion, at an early stage of investment, if done correctly, the impact should not be, because this process is not associated with the public markets. However, if markets begin to crumble, investors-fans will cease to invest, therefore, to raise the investment will be more difficult. If you are planning to invest venture capital investments in promising start-up, you should be prepared for the possible failure in case of financial and consumer climate suddenly changed. What start-up you think is most capable of resistance to economic conditions.

Airbnb because its a company with a great culture and mass network effect. Brian chesky (founder of Airbnb — ed. (ed) gorgeous. What, in your opinion, the best way to get into a venture Fund, as a young engineer.

Opening his own company or join a startup and learn how the process of building a business. To do it any other way is almost impossible. At what point the Director-General should move away from exclusively food problems and to pay attention to other aspects of the business.

I dont think that the entrepreneur actually needs to move away from the product. Just at that moment, when you get out into the market should begin to expand the area of responsibility to all the other areas of your business. If you had to re-start a career, where would you go.

It would be bioengineering. Computational biology is the most exciting thing in the world. This area seems to me to be very attractive. Entrepreneurs become or are born.

To be an entrepreneur, you need to fully be prepared for the absolute vulnerability and think solely about themselves. Can imagine that it can be learned, but not sure. Name your top 3 favorite books that have helped you in business.

The first is a book by the founder of Intel Corporation, Andrew grove called High Output Management. Three favorite difficult to call, but some of those that I like is “the Black Jacobins” Cyril James and “Fooled by randomness” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Do you have any Hobbies.

How do you relax after work, except for writing books and articles?. I love hip-hop, BBQ and macroeconomics. In this case, Tupac or biggie (American rapper, leader of the hip-hop East coast — approx. Ed.)?.

They are both good, but biggie is closer to me in spirit.

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