Apple released six new commercials Apple Watch

Advertising has a different focus, unlike the first, more cinematic cutscenes showing the emotional connection of consumers with the clock. At this time the company focuses on the visual style and directs the audience to the iPod ads with the silhouettes, popular in the 2000s. Each video has its own name. “Journey”, “Song”, “Date”, “Training”, “Drops” and “Bicycle”.

For example, in the first video, the girl on a motorcycle asks Siri to show her the way to Piazza Navona. First advertising hours Apple not only showed on television, but also bought her a space in a glossy magazine (Vogue and Self). Then the company talked about the device in General.

More specific announcement appeared at the end of April — three videos explaining how to use the Watch for work, sports and socializing. Additional videos, one of which demonstrates interaction with notifications, Apple released after the presentation in September of 2015 new devices. The first movie with the silhouette of a person on a colored background, the company presented in 2003. After that, the concept is gradually changed towards more soothing colors and experiment with different shades.


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