Apple Released The Clips €? The App To Create Short Clips Square

Editor spent a few days with the app and answer basic questions about it. Clips app for iPhone and iPad with which you can shoot short square video, add effects, subtitles and upload on the social network.

The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store (it will appear to all users in the store for hours). Clips not included with the operating system iOS. That is distributed along with third-party applications.

Clips easier. IMovie — this is primarily a macOS application, which subsequently released a mobile version. So he inherited a “desktop” logic to create rollers. You first need to load the films in the app, link them, add music, effects, then start rendering the video.

Clips were created for mobile devices, so it “smartphone” logic. You can start shooting video at the first screen of the application, effects and subtitles to use on the fly. IMovie is often used, for example, in order to after a trip, concert, presentation or party to mount all the videos into one big clip.

Using Clips Apple wants to reduce the time between recording video and publishing it is to give iPhone and iPad users the possibility to mount the video instantly. New Apple focused on the audience of active users of social networks — it suggests square format. First glance reminds Clips video editor, built-in Instagram — only with more features and functions.

The tool is aimed primarily at content creators. Those who frequently publish videos to Facebook, appends a different emoji in Snapchat, applies filters in the Instagram. For this audience, Clips — another way to diversify their publications in social networks.

Existing built-in tools for creating video applications Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook cant match with the Clips in terms of functionality — except application Apple no fancy masks. Clips is a tool by Apple to generate content for Facebook, Instagram and other social networks and instant messengers.

To create an image or video, press and hold the record button. To not constantly hold the button down, you can swipe and lock status. Recording straight to the timeline of the video which is below.

Effects can be applied directly to the camera on the fly or after the fact. For example, video processing via neural network — like in Prisma: Or add a bubble message from the messenger and sticker in Snapchat:

Or add the time and place — as in “History”: Or add — emoji everywhere:

“Live headers” — a “killer-feature” Clips. The application is able to recognize the voice on the video and add captions to it “live” — that is, words appear on the screen in sync with their pronunciation. In addition, Clips supports Russian language. The work function depends on the language installed on the phone.

In the English interface Clips only recognizes English. When Apple released the first iPad, one of the journalists chided the company in that it introduced the device for content consumption, but not to create it. In response, the it giant quickly released its desktop tools — iMovie, Pages and Keynote — in the form of apps for iOS.

The last two years, Apple only deals that produces new tools for content generation. Dual camera for iPhone, keyboard case for print on the iPad Pro, stylus for drawing. Clips fit into this range. The app appeared on the news about the launch of “Stories” in all social networks and craze companies and users of video content.

The day before the appearance of Clips in the App Store similar tool provided service Giphy. To keep up with new trends, Apple did not try to create its own social tools — which is very reasonable, because all previous attempts of the company in this area cannot be called successful. The it giant, focused on what he does best — develop tools for content creation.

Using Clips Apple wants to integrate into the social life of the user, be a starting point for content before publishing it in social networks. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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