“Archiland” — Trips For Office Workers At Lunchtime

My name is Arseny, Im 27 years old, I know a lot about Moscow, I love to tell and in General I guide. No, seriously. The guide is a calling. Calling emotionally charge people to make them happy, to learn something new. A few months I noticed a problem of the modern metropolis.

We all go to work the same way, see the same scenery from the window of his office. Often we dont even know what stories and legends conceal us from the neighboring yard, the street or a familiar corner of the building. It turns out that 75% of office employees are not familiar with the place or area where they work and spend a third of your life. At work we are constantly confronted with daily routine, tired, crazy, lead a sedentary lifestyle.

And free time at work during my lunch break, employees usually spend monotonous, attending the same canteen or some café nearby. The people around us, too, all the time the same. Long have you been in the next building its business centre. Here is the answer.

And dont ask then, where does emotional burnout. Excursions-lunch for office workers at lunchtime. A short walk around the office buildings, during which you will learn the fascinating history of the business center and the area where it is located, will be shown a new, non-trivial places in the area. Walk 30-40 minutes in the end, it ends with lunch in an unusual place, for example on the roof of the business center.

In addition, guests will be offered lunch or lunch which you can eat while walking. Lunches are provided by our partners, which we carefully select. Key criteria of lunch. Safety, convenience, taste, novelty.

The cost of the walk lunch is comparable with the cost of other “entertainment” during working hours and is 600 RUB together with refreshments. Dinners change all the time, here adjusted to the format of the tour and have a seasonal focus. Tours are conducted in the various office clusters of Moscow, many of which are located in the city center or in old factory premises. Now, we are working on routes in the area of the Kursk station and Red October. The project is developing in two directions — private group tours, where employees working in the territory of such clusters will themselves be able to buy a ticket, and the organization of corporate events with the possibility of team building and catering for large companies.

In the nearest plans of the team — development of new routes, the coverage of the majority of Moscow business centers, seeking corporate partners, which are key tenants of office centers and partners on nutrition, as well as the creation of a cohesive team of professional guides.

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