“Art Save”: The Rambler&Co Designed Their Site In The Style In 1841 For The Promotion Of The Program Of Sberbank

The project “Art to save” must show that “the history of the Bank is inextricably linked with the history of the country, reflected in the art paintings by eminent masters”. Platform of the Rambler&Co — “Tape.ru”, “gazety”, “championship”, Rambler News Service, “Bill” and the portal “Rambler” is changed in accordance with the typographical features of the pre-revolutionary years. On the main pages of publications, a news-based agenda 11 November 1841.

Another part of the project — an interactive website, which contains all projects of the campaign. With the help of it you can, for example, to make an online projection of paintings on images of Moscow landmarks and houses. The main tasks of MSU, VDNH, the Bolshoi theater and Digital October. Among the available work — “Landscape” Falk, “Improvisation №209” Kandinsky and “Nebosvod” Lentulov. The user must select an image for each part of the building and lighting.

Also on the site you can find out which museums opened free admission in the framework of the joint action with Sberbank, test the knowledge of painting, look photo reports from exhibitions, learn about the rare works and economic developments of the nineteenth century, as reflected in the works. The website is made by the Agency R. Point. Project “Find yourself in the art” to see who of the heroes of classical paintings like the user.

The service is created together with the Russian company NTechLab that developed the algorithm for facial recognition FaceNX. The project organizers did not disclose in an interview with vc.ru specific KPI, but said that the main goal is to invite as many people into the museums-participants of the program Bank. We were interested to understand how the modern man understands his place in the history of the country, reflected in art.

We believe we have found a striking non-trivial way of implementing this assumption. If you find yourself in one of the famous paintings, dont you would like to see the original “self”. From the first hours of running, number of participants, upload results to social networks, allows us to assume that the project proved interesting to visitors. Publisher Meduza Ilya Dyer in his Telegram channel “Logo bigger” drew attention to the disparity of some events dates on the site “Championship”.

In the project “Sports championship 175 years ago,” there is one event that happened 175 years ago, the rest of it some other time. While the release date of the material does not match the event. But the hell is going on with the news. There they are all marked on 11 November 2016.

Dyer noted that the materials marked 1874, and the events belong to a different time specified in the announcements to articles. After revision vc.ru addressed in the Rambler&Co for comments, the organizers have eliminated some errors, but the news of yesteryear on the “Championship” is still marked on 11 November 2016.

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