As 10 days to develop the project from a completely new sphere

Periodically, productology change jobs. And everything seems fine, as long as you remain in the same product area. You know the product, you know the people from this area, you can always rely on their previous experience or ask for advice from former comrades. But everything changes the moment you get up the product from a different field.

Cut. Do not rush to answer. Its like those controversial statements that the sales Manager, if he is a true sales Manager that can sell anything. From online advertising to planes, and the interpreter, if it is real translator, able to translate articles from “Chemistry and mind” and synchronity report on the conference automakers.

Lets go back to our product. What I mean when I say that the product from another area. Come on fingers. You did a content project, and then you load in a good performance arrives something from ecommerce. Or youve worked in the web, and then, God forbid, you call cool software producers.

Or just suddenly you become Director of products, and instead of your narrow field, now working with a pool of different projects, and sometimes unrelated. And a deadline, and the rates are rising.. Lets start with the fact that you have very little time. If after 2 weeks (maybe a month) you have demonstrated that you understand the product better than anyone in the company or at least at the level of business leaders, you will be issues.

So be prepared to reflect the small hectic tasks, cut the elephant into pieces and eat the pieces. Where to start. As a rule, these business leaders at various levels, investors and shareholders of the company. Only depends on these people if there is a product in the future or it will be closed at the click of a finger.

If possible (and reachability) hold meetings with each of these people, gather broad feedback on the product, lets just say. Let vyplesnut your pain. Record the whole conversation. After the meeting, organize product expectation.

If the vision is different in different people, find common points of interest, print it out, circle in red and hang in front of him. Any further challenge from stakeholders at any level compare with what is written there. You have the first case to communicate with people in the company.

Define the first range of stakeholders that affect the product. Bold move in sales, marketing, development, hiring, office and so on. You need all the structural units, which is the ratio of your product. Talk with area managers and line employees. Cut the current status of the product and the challenges facing each Department.

Do not give any guidance, dont promise anything. Now it is important to collect the maximum hodgepodge of opinions. Honestly say that you did a little (actually a lot) different product, so count on their help. Well, who after that you will be denied.

Expanding the area of influence by interacting with the product. Collect everything that relates to your product, recorded on paper or in numbers. Strategy, product plans, financial performance, marketing plans, achieved non-financial indicators, various researches and so on.

You already started to form an opinion — compare it with what you read. Highlight trouble spots to avoid errors in product management or their fixed soon. In the same paragraph, dont forget to get access to all monitoring systems product. Google Analytics, “Yandex.Metric”, Liveinternet, your internal systems.

Request that you be added to all daily, weekly, monthly distribution of any kind of reporting. Let him come, get on the go. Collect product story.

Your product is not the only one, so I look at colleagues. Your company may already be a competitive analysis, and may not be. Make the first cut themselves. The course is the product of the matrix with competitors vertically and a set of features horizontally.

Take three colors. Red, green, yellow, and went. Yes, no, Yes, no, there are substitutes, but or learn more. According to the same scheme disassemble and own product. Further divide features are mandatory, optional, unique and thingies.

We are getting closer to creating a food plan. Carefully look at competitors products. Each product has an audience. There is a paying audience, in the case of the service model of earnings and is enjoying audience thats paying ads, in the case of advertising model.

Listen to both parts of this audience. Often users themselves say they need from the product. Get access to the box [email protected], arrives, and there is sometimes interesting.

If you have call centre, talk to the operators, they will give you such a heap of problems, not to disassemble. You can use various automated solutions to collect feedback, ideas and suggestions. Collected user expectations from the product. Your team depends on the success or failure of your new product.

Perform a General meeting, tell us who you are and why you should trust. Talk to each separately, you need to understand the motivation and performance of each participant. Discuss how they see the product in the future. Asked about his team colleagues from other departments.

When you get comfortable, youll understand what kind of people you need, now you need to start with the current team. Dossier I would, of course, to collect did not, but to recognize loyal, tired and knowledgeable staff is absolutely necessary. Interact with product team. Formalitites all the requirements that youve managed to get in the first five days.

Break them up into logical groups, when one without the other is not glued or both ideologically lead to a General result. If the product is multiplatform, easy web and separate the major mobile platforms. Resources, as a rule, to perform web and mobile parts differ.

Collect the first product backlog. Next to each block write time costs of all necessary to solve the problem of resources. Dont be afraid to miss, because you will surely miss. However, a bad plan is better than none. If it is evaluated that there are no ideas, go to artist, project, other colleagues.

Collective intelligence, it is rare but works. If you are cool, then add the required features in the product itself. But this is not immersed is very difficult, so start with the needs of stakeholders and do not first best, but cool product. The best it will with time and with your own advice.

Check with the objectives and stakeholders expectations of the first round, prioritize each of Fitch-block and draw a timing diagram. Show it to all actors from the second range of stakeholders, make corrections and move that to the Bank, well, that is, to those I met on the first day. Draw a food plan in the form of a Gantt chart.

Discuss everything in detail. Fix measurable indicators of your work. What will be considered success and what is failure. Tell us about the channels of the appearance of these features in the food plan, what is important to users, and colleagues from the sales Department. Edit.

Get the final aprov. Approved our plan and rejoice. From the beginning, learn the industry along and across. Subscribe in Facebook on opinion leaders and well-known professionals in this field.

Collect schedule leaders and productlogo at various conferences and go to them, meet personally. If there are books on your topic, buy, read. The brain is an amazing thing. More will be deposited in the head on the new profile, the more often you will intuitively take the right decisions, creating unique features, which we analyzed on day 4.

Not thingies, namely useful business features, which are also in line with the goals and expectations of the owner. And this will be your personal grocery Luggage that you can put yourself in the achievements of. Good products.


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