As Bud alcohol brands, Absolut, Heineken to use Facebook, Vine and other social networks

One of the main venues is the Jack Daniels Twitter (thats the brand became the first among the alcohol companies that bought advertising on the service). In the microblog, the brands 144 thousand readers. Publications appear almost every day. The latest at the time of this writing — cinemagraph with a master distiller Jeff Arnett is an expert in the field of whiskey.

The eye test, a process as old as Jack himself. (Jeffs a tad bit younger than that, of course) #borntomakewhiskey Also publishes the brand image with events acts as a partner, and declares its love to the companys representatives for their work, because its result can become part of your evening. #Happy space returns tomorrow.

We are getting setup for another amazing year of world class BBQ competition. How many people can relax after work with what they spent all day working on. #borntomakewhiskey #jackdaniels In the summer of 2014, the company launched the competition, aimed at young audiences, to support taste of Tennessee Honey line.

Every week the brand asked a specific topic (e.g., “outdoors”, “Travel”, “Adventure”), under which participants had to post pictures. The winners were determined, first, by the vote and opinion of the jury, and secondly, random selection. The winner of the Grand Prix went to the music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago.

The company seeks to maintain not only the fans spirits, but also their compatriots who are trying to capitalize on interesting projects. The Independence Project, conducted in 2012, was designed to celebrate freedom and independence, giving Americans opportunities, which deprived the representatives of other countries. Thus Jack Daniels recalled the year of its inception — 1866 — and, consequently, the long history.

Fans of the brand had to make a short video describing their project and the business plan. The winner received $25 thousand, the second place winner — MacBook Air, the third iPad 3. In Russia, Jack Daniels has a page in Facebook.

In a social network of its representatives talk about the production of whiskey, publish inspiring quotes and hold contests. For example, for the interesting history of the user about the loss or damage to the phone company promised two brand case (provided that the user also “like” publication). Bud Light is one of the brands who have successfully completed the service chastisements Vine videos. In addition to the rollers with brand products in clubs, on the beach and on the background of fireworks, the company uses visual effects, for example, skorstnye shooting spilling out of a glass foam or the emergence of a new bottle design over traditional.

Instagram account of the brand is designed in festive style — multi-colored cans of beer, stadiums, mass parties. Page in the same social network brand Budweiser also seems to be much more dark, gloomy colours, a small fraction of the photos from public events, focus on details and individual characters.

In Facebook Budweiser tries to publish a short pithy phrases with illustrations and video. After advertising on the super bowl 2015, in which the company made fun of brands of craft beer and its fans, she launched the project with a series of videos on YouTube under the name The Hard Way. Budweiser tells about the professions that are doing something with their hands (with minimal automation) — the tattoo artist, the cook, the Creator of the knives from handy tools.

The company draws a parallel between these people and their products, with an emphasis on authenticity, attention to detail and passion for favourite business. Not all projects succeed in the company. The sharp criticism in the social networks has created a campaign #UpForWhatever, Bud which has declared itself to be “the perfect beer for the deletion of the word “no” from the vocabulary all night”.

Users were outraged this wording — they called it a call to drive behind the wheel drunk, or even rape, and also hinted at the fact that such statements impose the pursuit of misery. #upforwhatever Im “up for” saying no and being heard &respected, @Budweiser.

Jim Beam, like its competitors, covers all the most popular social networks. Twitter brand shares photos from events, talking about new flavors and dont forget about the trend series and the upcoming holidays. Bobbing for Possess a shot this Halloween. Alrighty then.. #NationalDessertDay Instagram account basically duplicates the content of Twitter, but on this site brand allows himself more freedom in publications simply beautiful images of your products — irrespective of the events and trends.

In the Russian account in Facebook, the brand often asks questions of the audience and lead interesting facts about your brand and about alcohol in General. One of the first noteworthy campaigns of the brand has become Bold Choices in 2011, users had to share on Facebook stories of bold decisions. Distiller of the brand in the seventh generation Fred Noe said then that will make a tattoo with the logo of the brand, if the score in Facebook at least a thousand subscribers — and he kept his promise.

In the winter of 2014 to Make project History the brand has attracted Mila kunis, who told in a series of YouTube videos about his love for Bourbon. She also became the face of Make History campaign to remind users about the ancient history of the brand and stimulating them to personal achievements. In 2012, the brand has created a video that received over a few years over 49 million views on YouTube after his collaboration with Absolut music trio Swedish House Mafia. However, despite high quantitative indicators, the company was skeptical about the success.

“Its cool, but says nothing about the brand,” said Vice President of marketing at Jonas Dehlin in an interview with Fast Company. For Absolut has always been important to show his unusual and bright personality — in this case, for example, the reason to create a limited collection of bottles in the style of Andy Warhol and engagement with Damien Hirst, Keith Haring and Lady Gaga. Therefore, in addition to such social networks as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, even WhatsApp Absolut uses for large-scale campaigns.

In one of them users to communicate with feyskontrolschika Sven in the messenger and make him different beliefs to let them go to a party in honor of the brand releasing four million bottles of the limited collection. Invitations were only two. Some were composed for Sven songs, film videos, and others promised to introduce him to her cousin, if you will get tickets.

The brand also has its own app for iOS Drinkspiration with 500 cocktail recipes from vodka, brandy, rum, whiskey, tequila and gin. In Russia is actively Absolut Facebook account, which shares not only its products but also the facts from the world of art, Recalling Andy Warhol. In April 2015 the Russian Facebook users have noticed that their sign without permission on the Absolut page in the social network.

Representatives of the Pernod Ricard Rouss, which owns the Absolut brand, declined to comment, but Director of digital marketing of the medical centre “the Atlas” Victor Babichev said the reason could be lickjacking (creating invisible on the page Like buttons, which the user accidentally clicks). Heineken and other beer brands, often targeting sports fans. Sport accounts for the majority of brand campaigns. For example, during the Champions League 2015-2016, the brand allowed the audience to Twitter in real-time chat with the Dutch football player Ruud Gullit and his Argentinian opponent Hernan Crespo.

Also, the brand organized a session of questions and answers on Twitter with players after matches, which increased the involvement of the audience. In 2013 Heineken started using multiscreening — created a separate application Star Player to receive the user points at the time of the Champions League. In each individual moment of the match he was asked to predict whether a certain player to score a goal, a corner kick, can the goalkeeper to hit the ball and so on. Points were summed and displayed in the rating among all the fans of the world who have used the app.

Overall, the content of Twitter is basically devoted to the sport. @Matt9Dawson thinks #ARG are committing the same mistakes as #RSA yesterday.

#ItsYourCall #RWC2015 #ARGvAUS The excitement is brewing. Heres to a legendary #RWC2015 final. Https:// #ItsYourCall #NZLvAUS YouTube videos have become a popular brand in the style of a James bond film starring actor Daniel Craig — in both the video comes hot pursuit.


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