As Google, Facebook and other companies use the release of the new movie “Star wars” in advertising

In October, the advertising Agency McCANN Moscow has developed a campaign for MasterCard on motives of the Saga. In addition to standard activities like TV clips and outdoor advertising, the company created a web-site with prizes. The winner received a trip through the places where took place the shooting of the new film series.

To participate you had to make a purchase on the card payment system no less than 300 rubles, to register the date of purchase on the website and upload photos of receipts. A feature of the movie is that the shooting took place with the participation of “arrived from San Francisco Darth Vader” is a licensed production company Lucasfilm costume, a specialist with the right to play the hero, and the supervisor, which monitors all the actions of Vader.

M. Video released a video with the heroes of the Saga, go to store. Despite the fact that the movie was aimed at advertising the PlayStation 4, and along the way he promotes other products. Actors dressed as stormtroopers open the fridge, play the synthesizer, consider the discs passing by the cleaners, to open and close the microwave. A day after the publication of the video, the company removed it from your account, but it remained on other channels.

The movie managed to collect about 127 thousand views, and caused mostly positive feedback from the audience of video hosting. “Ural” has developed a motorcycle with a sidecar dedicated to the film “Star wars”. The company has named it the Dark Force Limited Edition model released in a limited edition in the U.S. market (as low as $14 999 apiece).

The bike is equipped with led optics, Sachs dampers, Brembo brakes and lightsaber attached to a stroller. Google has released a tool that allows you to draw in the style of the Saga interface of their apps in the desktop version.

Gmail will have a new background on the YouTube slider to change the volume and the scroll bar will turn into lightsabers, and in Google Maps instead of hand location appears a Starfighter TIE Fighter and X-Wing. A new kind will take also Chrome, Chromecast, Google Translate and other services. The company has released Sphero toy robot BB-8 from the seventh episode of “Star wars” (he appears in the trailer) and created a promotional video about its capabilities and how to control it with your smartphone.

Advertised PlayStation game, “Star wars”, using the story of the Saga in real life. In the advertisement to the Cabinet office worker, bored at work, from the street flies the aircraft. He breaks the window and flies away.

HP has released a series of commercials in the style of “Star wars” in the framework of the support platform Keep Reinventing. The first video shows the boy picking out in the garage their version of the droid R2-D2 from the objects found in landfills. With the help of a robot he sends romantic message sweetheart and two tickets to the movie. In the second video, the family arranges a photo shoot in the style of Saga, disguised as the characters in the film.

After that, they are using an HP printer create an album of these photos, which while fast scrolling through telling a story in development. In the following video the basic melody of the Saga is played in different variations — a musical to show the functionality of HP laptop.

Creative concept videos have developed Agency BBDO New York 180LA. Duracell have created a video about the Christmas battle swords that are charged with batteries brand. In video 14-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister trying to survive the onslaught of the stormtroopers, but in the end turns out that it was only the snowmen.

Manufacturer of canned soups Campbells beat in advertising the limited edition cans of the famous phrase which says Gives Vader in the film. “Luke, I am your father”. Only in advertising the father that fed his son. At the end of the video the VoiceOver says. “Star Wars and Campbells soups.

Made for real, real life”. Twitter has introduced three thematic branded Emoji. C-3PO, stormtrooper, and droid BB-8.

To use them, you need to enter one of the three hashtags, #C3PO, #Stormtrooper, #BB8. The social network has used the approaching release of the new movie Saga for the presentation of video in format 360°. Disney and Lucas Film have become the first partners of the company — their video has gathered over 6 million views, about 80 thousand “likes” and more than 240 thousand “reposts”.


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