As I Opened The Business In Europe And I Asked Him To Close

It all started since moving to the Czech Republic. After a few months I realized that the money received from the sale of the machine is very fast, and sources of income at the moment. At the time I was a student and hardly knew the language. At some point I came across an article about Lamzac. At the time Lamzac have already collected several million dollars on Kickstarter, as well as their competitor Kaisr on Indiegogo.

Reviewing the market of the Czech Republic and Russia for the presence of sentences I knew what the niche is free, and the interest in it is quite large. This prompted me to do a online store for the sale of inflatable bags. The first thing I checked the offers on Aliexpress and Alibaba and began to choose suppliers. At that time proposals were already quite a lot.

Ordering the test instances, I started working on the website and check the local SP. This was the experience of creating sites just for ready WP templates and their subsequent revision. This time the right template I found and my choice fell on Wix. This apparently was my first mistake I made. The first thing I decided to test the interest of local audiences to such product, created a stub on the website with a form for entering e-mail addresses and started a test advertising on Facebook.

It was necessary to understand whether people to apply. In the process of creating the website on Wix, I discovered that payments can be taken only three methods and none of them was bad for me. When the site was ready and it was time to configure the Analytics, I found out that using Wix to put a conversion on their buttons. Due to the fact that all that I had learned at the final stage, had to create a strange decision. In the end, basically a landing page I was on Wix, and the storefront was on WP.

I decided to fill your site with unique photos, videos and text and make your logo with its own name, to avoid problems with the original Lamzac. I also wanted the website are qualitatively different from competitors who gradually began to emerge that confirmed the theory that the idea of standing. Fortunately my wife does photography and having test instances we were able to make good photos and to shoot and edit video themselves. A friend of ours, which is engaged in the design made a nice logo and website could be filled with content. At the time I didnt have the money to order the first batch of goods, as the Chinese sent at least 100 copies.

It was decided to create a website without a product and start advertising, putting on the website that the delivery will be in about a month, but the price is a substantial discount. So I wanted to raise money for the first batch. But the hypothesis was not confirmed. I did not realize that Czech people are not used to pay for the goods on the websites at once, especially with a large waiting time of delivery. The reason is that usually shipping takes place the next day, and users will order products with payment upon receipt.

It was decided to take a loan to order a first batch of product, advertising, open UI and other necessary things to start a business. By the time I have chosen a supplier and agreed on the terms of delivery. After placing order had to wait to optimize your website and customize the advertising campaign. At the time of delivery of goods and customs clearance, I already had a few orders. I signed a contract with the transport campaign, and bought the box.

And the orders came. Advertising was only in Facebook and tested on different audiences. The conversion rate was about 1.5%. The greatest effectiveness was shown a video advertisement. We consistently several orders per day.

After a couple of weeks I started to contact local advertising agencies and even the Manager Seznam (the local equivalent of Yandex, which owns a share more than Google in the country) was invited to his office to discuss the favorable conditions of placing of advertising. Orders came and at some point, the client immediately ordered 10 pieces. It was clear that we were spot on with the idea and its realization, what at that time already there are several competitors, but that hasnt stopped our progress, as the advertising and website were developed more efficiently. But, as you can tell from the title of the article, it didnt go so smoothly. After a couple of days after the big order I called another client who was interested in a batch of 11 pieces product.

He asked questions about availability and colors available, after which the said works in posrednecheskie the firm and it needs to convey information to the customer to determine the color and place the order. Honestly my first thought was to run to the store for champagne, as such orders for a few days it seemed something incredible. We immediately began to think about what colors we should order in the second game, not to be left without explanation after a few weeks. About 2 hours after the call, I get a message on the box listed on the website, with the following contents.

The letter was from the official Dutch law firm. Was then told about the company Lamzac and its unique patent design, and compares the design of my product with their patent. They further pointed to the decision of the Hague court, about what the company Kaisr forbidden to sell their goods in Europe for the same reasons. You can read more here And of course requirements:

In this situation, could not understand one thing, if I buy goods in China and reselling it in Europe, is it a violation of someones rights. But the threat seemed to me quite significant. Besides, the next day I received a letter from an official distributor in the Czech Republic with the requirement to stop the activities, otherwise they will be served in the local court. After the incident, I realized that the person the caller I specially asked me information about my activities to continue to pass it on to the lawyers.

In the end I still decided to stop the activities because the anticipated consequences scare me more than just closing the online store. I wrote a letter of apology in the law firm and agreed to close the store. My answer they gave, they were asked to sign a Declaration that I will no longer sell “infringing article”, after which he was cleared of all requirements. This was the end of my story selling “counterfeit” goods, after which the remaining outstanding loan and several dozen unsold inflatable bags. However, it was an interesting experience that helped me understand how to create your online store and promote it.

I will be glad to answer your questions.

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