As Pornhub, Google, Uber, Group and other brands reacted to Halloween

The company has traditionally created a festive “Doodle” on the home page. The user can choose one of four teams (blue, red, yellow or green) and to play the game — the character needs to fly on her broom to the destination, collecting sweets and not touching bats and ghosts. At the end of the village to see the scores and results teams following the results of games from around the world. Employees the company has released a video about how to survive in the zombie Apocalypse, where the main rule is to stay in the office.

App for wine lovers, Vivino has launched a project for the holiday by finding a suitable sweets for opredelennogo drink. For example, Skittles suitable for sweet and dry white wines, and Kit Kat — for sparkling.

The retailer Target has posted on YouTube a video of the house where the main character comes. When you click on the icon “information” you can choose from several different rooms (go to other video), or get out of the apartment. Among rooms in the house presents the carnival sweets, the dining room and the devils graveyard. All casters are in format 360°.

In the United States and the San Francisco company searching for drivers of Lyft has given users the opportunity to order zombie, or rather, the actors, dressed as characters from horror films. Uber Petersburg offered users the option UberZOMBIE “with mystical cars and drivers”, available from 21:00 on 31 October until 2:00 on 1 November.

Customers of the brand can participate in the contest and win a “terrible gifts”. We need to do a selfie with the driver UberZOMBIE, to post a photo in Instagram and other social networks with the hashtag #uberzombiespb and a link to @uber.russia, and also to get the most likes. Gift — tour of mystical places of the city with a personal driver on UberBLACK and certificates for quests. Company representatives also will select customers who receive an invitation to a party Mobsters Halloween.

In Chicago the company along with Snickers will take clients suits for $5. Gett on October 31 will give the chance to Muscovites to order through the app pumpkin within the Third transport ring (12:00), which the driver will take “anywhere” for 300 rubles.

31 October at 22:30 in Moscow, Kazan and St. Petersburg Wheely will launch a “Surprise” that the user can invoke one of five machines shares without indication of place names — where will he go, will be unknown. The driver will carry it to different locations of Moscow with multiple scenarios. “All winners should be prepared for the fact that this experience can not weak to intimidate, which is why, in Wheely immediately warns that pregnant women, children under 16 and for older people it is better to choose your fun for this evening”, — stated in the message of the company.

The participant will be able to take along three of your friends. The cost of the service will be 500 rubles. Russian Agency SWIST Agency organized a holiday charity flashmob — representatives of 13 agencies and the publication Adindex will come together in terrifying costumes to collect gifts that will go to four boarding school.

The flashmob involved agencies such as TBWA, Progression, Red Keds, TWIGA, AdWatch Isobar, PR Partner, Ketchum Maslov Moscow. The resource of goods and services published in his Facebook account pictures “nightmares online shoppers”. Goods disappearing from websites, online store, dozvanivayas which can be covered by a web, an endless stream of mailings, which people have not signed up, and waiting for an urgent order long into eternity.

We constantly use visual methods of communication. People are used to read information from images, and we give them that opportunity. For example, often do research on various segments of products, which sell our clients on and present the results as an infographic. And also we draw some fan pictures — for example, we had an infographic of supply and demand on the vest, timed to her birthday.

And, of course, we could not miss the Halloween atmosphere this holiday allows you to present some realities of our ecommerce grotesque in form, all together to laugh at the problems and hopefully solve at least some of them. A service for finding short-term accommodation Airbnb organized a competition to visit the catacombs of Paris, which includes a private visit of the caves with the curator, dinner for two with concert, Breakfast and tickets to the city and back.

The international Olympic Committee every year, Halloween pumpkin cut. The international Olympic Committee is getting ready for Halloween #RoadToRio #OlympicPumpkin Pornhub in conjunction with the publication Mic investigated the queries for which users are looking for porn just before Halloween. Search for the word “Devil” has increased by 864% and “Vampire”, “Zombie”, “Witch”, “Dracula” and “Horror” surpassed less frightening concepts such as “Schoolgirl” and “Cheerleader”.

Snickers has released a video about the artist who is engaged in pumpkin carving. In the video he makes out three pumpkins at Halloween and puts it in her mouth each figure in bar stamps on which is written the characteristics of a hungry person (crazy, irritable and dramatic).

“Svyaznoy” together with the Agency IWILL first time in Russia has launched an interactive quest in the Telegram with the bot @svyaznoy_bot on the theme of Halloween. In the story of the real-time user needs to hold the main character to the destination and help him to meet with his beloved. Bot is overwritten with the user from a characters name, describing what happens to the hero at the moment. The user also helps the hero to make a decision in different situations, giving the bot commands.

The action takes place on the eve of all saints Day, so on the way there are various characters of fairy tales, myths and folklore. In some cases, they help the user, but often prevented him from successfully complete your quest. The party that will lead the hero to the goal before the others, get a modern smartphone (the company has not specified which). Nine people will win a USB hub from the “Coherent”.

We are interested to pamper our subscribers a variety of mechanics and game format to present them with useful information. We strive to ensure that our users were experiencing digital-new items first and was able to share it in their circles. The developers of the console version of World of Tanks for Xbox launched a special “Ghost Town” with a lethal tank-phantom. From October 30 to November 2, players can fight in battles on “Himmelsdorf” specially modified Halloween.

To promote by selecting the brand has released a video. Edition AOL put together a list of food brands that submitted to the holiday themed packaging and new flavors. Amazon.

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