As the captain of the best ship in the Pacific fleet of the USA advises to motivate their employees

Money is not the main. Came commander of the ship, Mike knew that he had no opportunity to raise the salaries of his subordinates, as well as no authority to fire someone. His commander advised him not to get upset if you cant do anything to fix it. “Be ready for defeats”.

80% of sailors at the end of the contract leaving the ship. Mike realized that his only way out — the interaction with the team. He met with each of the 200 sailors who put their Hobbies, learned their kids and other personal data. He found that many went into the Navy because College because my parents had money.

Then he gave subordinates a test for high school graduates to enroll in College — most of it has passed, and one sailor received a score twice higher than the captain Mike at the time. Then he realized that subordinates can be motivated if they have the ability to learn and Express themselves. Encourage your team. Mike in turn called the mariners and asked. “And what would you change on the ship, if you were the captain?” Many gave sensible suggestions.

For example, one subordinate has proposed to reduce costs by ceasing to constantly paint the details on the deck. When Mike was given some good advice, he took the microphone and announced to the entire ship. “The sailor so-and-so offered to do so, and I find it correct”. This helped to awaken the sailors enthusiasm. Because Mike was constantly making announcements into the microphone, they called him Megaman.

Listen to the team. In 1997, USS Benfold went on operation in the Persian Gulf. All ships participating in the operation were ordered to be ready to launch Tomahawks. According to the instructions on the missile launch took 2.5 hours from the time of order, and nobody thought about how to reduce this time. Mike told the sailors that it is impossible to launch rockets before, and one military found out.

He found that the starting procedure has not changed since the development of missiles, thought about it and came to the conclusion that you can not check out several of the GPS parameters — this would reduce the startup time by half an hour. At seven in the morning he knocked at the captains quarters to share their views. Mike found them to be reasonable and distributed to high command and they told the company that developed the “Tomahawk,” and it agreed with the sailor, who didnt even graduate College. After dismissal from service the sailor got a job in this company.

Develop the spirit of competition. When the destroyer Mike was the best in the Pacific fleet, he received a letter from the Admiral, who commanded the best ship in the Atlantic ocean. He wrote that Mike will not be able to overtake him in terms of efficiency. Then Abrashoff just showed this letter to all his team, and they are so infected by the desire to surpass the opponent of the Atlantic that it really took the lead.

Trust the team. One day the captain said to his mother that he was going to resign. The question is, what is he going to do, Mike replied that he was going to write a book. The woman was indignant. “You didnt even read them!” However, the first book Abrasheva Its Your Ship became a bestseller.

Somehow Mike got a letter from a businessman who told how a few years all week, worked 16 hours a day, but could not achieve to increase profits, staying at around a million dollars. Sister of the businessman advised him the book Mike. “Your problem is that the whole business depends on you — you earn just as much work. Try reading the book, there advise a different approach”.

The businessman followed the advice — and then bought copies of the book to each employee in the company. Every week they were read by Chapter, and analyzed whether there are. If you understand that it goes against the advice from the book, we discussed why this happens and how to improve the situation. As a result, the entrepreneur has taught his team to act almost autonomously, and he was the stay time on the companys development. Profit rose from one million to four million dollars a year.


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