Asian Artificial Intelligence: What Companies Move Chinese Industry

The publication of The Atlantic drew attention to the rapid development of Chinese industry of artificial intelligence. According to the publication, a breakthrough in the country is associated with a generous investment by the government and fast work of large companies. “Every winter, hundreds of researchers in the field of artificial intelligence hold a General meeting of the Association for the development of artificial intelligence (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, AAAI).

In 2017 the meeting of scientists was held in New Orleans, but the dates coincided with the Chinese new year,” writes The Atlantic. Due to the current situation, the leadership of the Association had to move the conference to another date — Chinese researchers have managed to become so important part of the community that without their reports, the meeting, much would be lost, says the editorial Board. “No one would appoint the conference, for example, at Christmas,” says the President of the AAAI, Subbarao Kambhampati.

The meeting was held in San Francisco in mid-February. “As expected, Chinese researchers have shown themselves very strongly on the stage, which is historically dominated by scientists from the U.S.,” continues The Atlantic. While Chinese and American scientists have presented the same number of scientific articles for the conference — according to Kambampati, it demonstrates how far Chinese industry over the last 3-4 years.

The development of the field of artificial intelligence in China has attracted the attention of the leadership of other countries — in particular, in October 2016, the White house released a plan to study technology AI, which inter alia it was stated that the USA lost the lead in the number of studies in this area another country — China. The development of artificial intelligence in China involved not only scientists, but also large companies. Among them — the search giant Baidu, a service for booking trips Didi, the Corporation Tencent (developer of the popular in Asia WeChat messenger).

All these companies have their own laboratory for the study of technology AI. Chinese technology companies, like Microsoft or Google, seeing the potential of such developments. The founder of Coursera, Google Brain and head of artificial intelligence at Baidu Andrew ng says, “can not represent the industry, which would have changed such technologies”. The development of the industry in China, writes The Atlantic, partly due to generous government investment in University research.

Every year the volume of investments grows. Financing of scientific and technical research — is one of the priorities in the plan for the next five years. Earlier in similar conferences were attended mainly by researchers from the countrys biggest universities — Beijing and Tsinghua. Now, says Kambampati, the reports are made scientists from all over the country.

Encourage the study of technology in the field of artificial intelligence and big companies like Tencent invites students to practice in the private laboratory. They have access to WeChat, and Tencent — the most innovative research in University departments. In addition, Chinese scientists have access to all Chinese and international studies — as they usually know the English language.

The English-speaking scientists can read studies in Chinese, giving Chinese industries an advantage. Speed the work of researchers in China is much higher than in Silicon valley and the rest of the world, so Chinese companies are moving much faster. In addition to the major companies in the field of AI in China work and new projects. For example, Mobvoi startup funded by Google, is developing “smart” electronics and voice systems management.

In the summer of 2016, the company unveiled a prototype Ticmirror — automobile rearview mirror with a built-in autopilot system for the car and voice control. The mirror displays useful information for the driver and helps him on the road.

TuSimple is a Chinese company that develops computer vision systems and artificial intelligence. Their achievements command applies, for example, to create an autopilot for cars. Its autopilot system has become one of the strongest in the world at the landfill for testing of such technologies KITTI. Another Chinese project — Moran Cognitive Technology.

Its employees create recognition technology in natural language, which can be used in systems for human-machine interaction. It is expected that this technology will help the machines to not only recognize words, but also to correctly interpret their meaning. In January 2017 based in 2016, the startup raised $10 million in funding. Startup Layie, which in December 2016 invested Microsoft is developing mobile virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Legal startup ai.Law has set a goal “to develop an army of robot lawyers”. Machines will replace lawyers live on routine matters. Marriage, inheritance, the entry and registration of foreigners in the country and so on. According to the companys management team wants to make “personal lawyer was available to everyone”.

The project CloudMinds, which invested Chinese giant Softbank, creates a global “cloud” platform which will provide developers access to speech recognition and images, technologies of Big Data and other things. Chinese news aggregator Toutiao uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze the news headlines and the preferences of the user and of compiling based on the data feeds. The app is used by over 700 million people.

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