AterMe €? Online-service Catering

Aggregates more than 140 companies with on-site catering services. My name is Vladimir, I am 30 years old. In the subject of startups for about seven years.

Together with my partner Gregory by Romanovym before the project was launched “Move.of the Russian Federation”, which brought self-sufficiency and successfully sold in late 2015. Our new project — online service for the ordering of any catering services. From canapés to five guests to the Banquet for 2 thousand people.

On one page of the website, you can compare offers from several different catering companies and make an objective choice on the basis of all important parameters such as menu, price, reviews and ratings of the company. On the search for ideas of a new project it took us about six months. Given previous experience, first look in the direction of marketplace in the b2c. We know how to work this kind of services, are able to consider the economy and can fairly accurately make forecasts and financial model.

Theme catering came in the course of viewing the latest deals in Western markets on the website CrunchBase. We decided that in this niche worth to do business. In General, this approach to finding ideas is quite effective, since clearly in sight only the relevant topics that someone believed.

The primary analysis showed that, in contrast to the niche of transportation, in catering there are a number of advantages. First, it is a higher average check, and secondly, the larger the budget, the higher the marginality, and then you can take a fixed percentage of the Commission with any budget. We quickly checked the idea, making a landing on the constructor and customize the traffic with contextual advertising. It was a sort of MVP, and in two weeks we have received applications for about 4 million rubles.

One of which we were even able to implement and obtain revenue. Thus we have seen that it is possible to undertake the development of. To design and run a basic functionality we have gone about three months. The service works for five months, and now it is about 20-30 applications a day.

All applications are moderated, after which it is published and distributed to the partners. We only work in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but we have more than 140 partners, which was uploaded on the website almost 7 thousands of meals and made more than 3 thousand offers. We have also developed and has already launched an internal CRM system for sales managers, for the effective operation and motion control applications for all stages of the funnel. As the leads in this niche are quite expensive, it is very important to never left without our attention.

For the past six to nine months we plan to break even and start earning. By the summer are going to connect cities and are now beginning to look for first investment for faster development of services, expand the team and access to the regions. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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