Atlas Recall — A Service That “remembers” All Actions Of The User On All His Devices

Atlas Recall app from Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter. It collects and stores all user actions in the network, visited websites, viewed files, copies of letters from e-mail and so on. In addition, the application creates a knowledge base by which the owner of the device can find any of their action or the page.

According to the creators, this service is useful if the user will need to remember where he saw this or that information or, for example, what changes he has made to the file. Recall also saves all the search queries along with their results. The tool allows you to view the history from any device — so the owner can easily send a file that he edited on the computer the day before yesterday, a colleague e-mail from your smartphone. The user also may at any time delete any information about yourself. According to the creators, the access to personal history is only the owner profile, and information on the servers is supplied in encrypted form.

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