Audi Advertised The Car For $200 Thousand With A Toy Car For $40

According to DIY Photography, the first photographer just shared their ideas with representatives of Audi. In the end, the company evaluated the images without a real car and took photos of the advertising models. In edition Digital Synopsis note that to create the images needed minimal photo processing. Hernandez created the special effects using props, light, best angles and camera settings.

Visit his group in Facebook, the Creator of advertising images published photos from the shoot: Felix Hernandez is known to work, which makes the photos smaller items that seem to be big. In September of 2016 to promote the Audi R8, the company arranged a test drive of the car in Death Valley. In partnership with the service of rental housing Airbnb, the manufacturer has released a proposal to spend a week in a house in the desert and used Audi car during your stay.

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