Audio Advertising On The Internet: Opportunities And Prospects Format

About ways of interaction with the purchaser and methods of efficiency evaluation — a study of the Association for support and development of interactive advertising IAB Russia. In an oversaturated media environment, advertisers are constantly looking for chances to break through the information noise to get the attention of your audience. Audio advertising on the Internet has a unique ability to overcome these difficulties, making this format is important for studying and wide application in marketing.

Thanks to the innovations in Internet-connected and the telephone owner cars, use smartphones on the go, the increasingly popular voice bots and assistants, the penetration of the Internet of things in home appliances, clothes and other wearable items to create conditions where the consumer is constantly online, but its sight and not always facing the screen. In such circumstances, communication in audio format can take a significant market share, and in some long periods of time — not to be the only possible tool for audience engagement.

The high growth rate of broadcast music and the spoken genre, a shift in the distribution of the content of radio stations from FM frequencies to online have also become catalysts for increasing penetration and coverage of advertisements on the Internet. In connection with indicated trends on the initiative of members of IAB Russia in 2017, was created a separate Committee to work with online audio advertising. Were set the following tasks:

Chairman of the Committee was elected Mikhail Ilyichev (Unisound, Zvooq). To work as part of the first installation meeting on 24 April, 2017 and for the preparation of this material was brought to the members of IAB Russia. As well as industrial experts.

In 2017, the most common example of audio advertising remains advertising in broadcasting radio. However, in the industry of broadcasting in the Internet and with the advent of the online a significant number of independent media and services that actively use audiorescue, the volume of sound marketing communications in the network is already comparable with the advertising turnover of terrestrial radio.

The advertisements are most popular in the streaming video (in-stream). Care distributed with the media content that contains the scale. The overwhelming amount of inventory present in the market in 2017, involves the placement of advertisements in the format of in-stream. The format and media of advertisements at the out-stream (e.g., navigation, casual games, fitness apps and so on) in this material is not considered because of the desire to maintain focus, but their appearance on the market in the medium term is expected.

By analogy with the online video audio recording posted before the start of the playback of the media content, called pre-roll, and the one that appears in the logical pauses playback — mid-roll. The main platform for placing online advertisements:

The environment of placing online advertisements is relatively safe for the brand, as mainly represented professional content. Total audience reach in the online environment that are available for marketing communications in audio format, is estimated at 65 million unique visitors per month and at least 23 million a week. The average time of stay of the user on the sites covered by the online audio advertising is about 3.5-5 hours per week. By 2017, more than 100 sites, including “Vkontakte”, “Yandex.Muzyka” and Zvooq, “Autoradio” “Russian Radio” Love Radio, have adapted the format and render services on placement of such advertising, either independently or through agencies (DigitalAudio, DigitalBox, IMHO and Unisound).

More detailed characteristics of the segment will be presented in the following documents of the Committee of IAB Russia after a joint operation of the meter. Note, however, that at the request of advertising agencies and sites are there detailed information about your audience, including behavioural data and media preferences. The segment of advertisements is characterized by a significant percentage of the inventory represented on the mobile platform.

Experts agree that this proportion is more than 50%. This is because the audio content is convenient for listening on the go and picky about the screen. Looking ahead the expansion of the inventory of the online advertisements at the expense of new platforms suitable for this format and is gaining popularity among users. This is the market for cars, voice assistants and bots.

As the online environment contains the conditions for interactive communication with the audience, use it and the creators of advertisements. The format becomes useful not only to enhance interest in the products or services, but also to convert that attention to the target action.

Involvement is provided through interactive elements of advertisements. The most common of them is the graphic banner-companion placed on the devices screen (including on top of the lock screen on smartphones) at the time of playback of audio advertising. At some sites the banner companion remains on the screen after the audio clip, to provide the user with the ability to communicate in the most convenient time.

In addition to the banner of a companion a number of these sites uses a different kind clickable links that are placed inside the player with the media content or next to it. We can expect the development of interactive audio advertising in Russia in the same direction. Examples of Mobile and Amazons Alexa:

Audio: Banner-companion: Interactive links within the web and mobile players.

The advantage of the format, it should be noted that this kind of advertising is placed in the audio content, for consumption which is not required to interact with the device. This allows you to engage the audience in wider compared to other media formats a set of interactive actions, keeping the users ability to continue listening to audio content while performing these actions: As in many situations screens, and in the case of the increasingly popular voice assistants (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, HomePod, Bixby, and so on) they simply do not, in markets where the format of online audio advertising began to develop early, in 2017, the technology of voice interaction when the user may respond to the advertisements through language that is suitable for a greater number of situations of contact with the audience.

Typically the audio not to be missed, users have no interface solutions for this. The experts agreed that before the end of this listening is not less than 97% of the users, is another advantage. Often, the interface provides the ability to deliver advertising audio clip to pause, which increases the audiences loyalty to the format.

In addition, the transition of players from the media to the advertisements stored set user volume level. Can be considered a standard lack users the possibility to mute the player during playback of online audio advertising. The minimum volume is usually 15%.

In the majority of cases with the media content unit is combined, only one promotional ad. So, the lack of noise and “random” combined with the advertising of competitors — one of the main advantages of online advertisements. The basic model of procurement in 2017 became CPT — cost per thousand audiocontext with the target audience.

When you purchase placement of advertisements, as a rule, the following types of targeting: For targeting in accordance with the requirements of customers, courts and agencies use both its own and third-party data. 2.4 OpenRTB Protocol provides the opportunity to purchase online advertisements via auction pricing, and also makes it possible to programmatic-purchase, but in 2017 such tools on the market.

Sample media plan of the advertising campaign can be found here. The standard is considered to be the following indicators.

The tools for verification metrics, created with the support of the IAB and used in Russia: Both these tools are applied in the Russian market.

In the standard reporting documents on accommodation online audio advertising platforms and agencies typically include the following information: The contents of this section is Advisory in nature. Presents information based on the examples of generalized experience and expertise of the people involved in the preparation of material.

It should be noted that online advertisements can perform all the tasks that marketers used to deal with placing ads in radio airtime. At the same time by placing in an interactive environment online audio advertising can not only create demand, but immediately convert it to the target action.

The traits of online advertisements: In October 2014 by TNS Russia by order of the Agency Unisound, a study was conducted of the effectiveness of advertisements on the Internet. In result, data were obtained on listening to music on the Internet for advertisements, has evaluated the effectiveness of advertising on the example of the advertising campaigns of Adidas and Yota. The study was conducted using an online survey of residents of Russian cities with population over 100 thousand people.

Were made the following conclusions: A large part of the coverage of advertisements is necessary for the next user activity:

The peculiarity of the format is greater willingness of users interested in the content of advertising messages, for subsequent visits to the advertisers site or page of its app, as users do not need additional actions to continue consumption of media content. Audio advertising can be used for the following purposes: Online advertisements are completely controlled by the usual methods of evaluation of effectiveness (achievement of objectives and balance cost).

To most accurately assess the effectiveness of this kind of advertising, you can use the attribution (post-listening) — a technical solution that allows users to track who made the task of online action in any given period after listened to the audio. For example, a user listened to a movie and after a short time went to the advertisers site directly or through search engine. For independent auditing of non-customers may also use “pixel” third-party Analytics systems (Adriver, Adfox, DoubleClick) which is placed in the advertisements and collects all the key information, giving you access to it online.

To improve the efficiency of the online advertisements you can use remarketing with display or banner format. The user with which you installed audiocontext in the next period of time on the sites and applications may be shown the banner continuing the communication line of the ad. Is a convenient means of engaging the interested audience in the interaction, when users are in front of the screen and when it is convenient to start the interaction with the brand.

To improve the effectiveness of online audio advertising into the mix (the co-location of radio airtime) it is technically possible to synchronize the outputs of advertising on the radio with the time periods for placing online advertisements. In this case, “clean dakwat” target audience. It is assumed that one and the same person does not listen to parallel two sources of audio (for FM radio and online).

Interactive advertising in the mix not only generates awareness and creates the frequency of contact, but is also able to convert the generated interest in a target action. Therefore, in area campaigns interactive advertising makes sense to place in the mix “second wave” after a set frequency of contact. As with other formats, online audio advertising brings out the best of efficiency, when it is created specifically for listening.

Also to improve the effectiveness of online audio advertising marketers available the opportunity to host a variety of creative content based on a number of criteria: In the production of creative for online advertisements marketers should consider the following factors: Audio advertising is a unified advertising format (regardless of platform or media where it applies).

Therefore, purchasing and planning, as well as creating creatives for online audio advertising and audio advertising on radio should exercise the same command. IAB Russia experts believe that in the medium term should development of the divisions procurement on the radio to command the purchase of advertisements (including online). This assumption is true for planning. Such actions:

Online audio advertising — relevant tool for marketers, because it provides: Evaluation of the market for online advertisements will be made on the methodology ACAR (the volume of advertising in media), according to which the border is between the seller and the buyer. So take into account money (excluding VAT) received by the sites (Internet resources) as a result of the sale of inventory of advertisements, both directly and with attraction advertising networks and programmatic mechanisms.

Commission sellers included in the market assessment. The first assessment decided to conduct a survey of all the players rendering services on placement of online advertisements, by the end of 2017. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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