“AUTOFIT” Is A Service For Finding Avtoekspertov

My name is Artem Rethink. I am 34 years old. I am from Moscow. My team have several years of work in the field of auto-diagnostic and selection of cars. It so happened that we decided to expand globally.

It happened at the time of analysis of the market — first in Moscow and then in other cities. The more we analyzed it, the more I come to believe that the market is not a unified platform that could efficiently and clearly to offer services of auto, although the market is full of offers of this kind. Those who are faced with buying a new or used car, necessarily has difficulty in check or transport, or in it or something. Our project aims to give car buyers to make a mistake and lose their money by buying, for example, a car with a valid VIN (then this car will be sent only to a landfill).

Our service connects buyers with professionals who can assess the vehicle and help to avoid such problems. The customer sends the data expert on the car that you want to evaluate, and the result is a report containing all necessary information. The development of the project was conducted on private funds. Was hired as a programmer. Piece of the project — submission of a report in a couple of clicks — was invented by us personally.

The contractor does not need to fill out on the website. It simply loads your personal Cabinet pictures report, which is submitted to a customer, car photo, video. Then the system forms all in one PDF file, sends it to the customer on email and store in the system. The customer can also always view or download the report in his personal account. The development was carried out almost nine months, and in the end there was a service “AUTOFIT”.

We start at the end of October. Of course, the development process is not over, much more unusual and unconventional. In General, our project for the two categories of customers: The project “AUTOFIT” for expert auto is a full-fledged platform for auto experts with a private office, tracking of all orders, their statuses, alarm system, private messaging system, personal wallet, with the possibility of withdrawal to Bank cards. For the customer — is a convenient way to find auto in your city and receive service.

Of course we could not pass safeguards for the provision of services. And service guarantees that the service will be provided according to the description of any agreement between the customer and the contractor. For contentious situations, there is arbitration, in which the customers money is frozen in the system until there is a trial. The project operates throughout Russia and is open for registration. We tried to make the service convenient and interesting for all parties.

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