“Back to the future” social brands: the Reaction of companies on 21 October 2015

Music service has compiled a special playlist for “time travel”, as said in his Twitter account. Great Scott. We finally made it to October 21st, 2015 #BackToTheFuture https://t.co/B4sMOamqYu. Manufacturer of fireplaces Dimplex compare their products 1985 and 2015.

Happy #BackToTheFuture Day. Heres what our best fire looked like way back in 1985 – what a difference. Pic.twitter.com/E8Zwb3yFTw. The mission of Amazon Music in Britain amounted to two playlist of popular music from 1985 and 1855 — periods, shown in the film.

Go #BackToTheFuture with #PrimeMusic playlists. Whats your favourite. FAV 1955 https://t.co/nVf0bZePLG RT 1985 https://t.co/k6JwM8Qw64. Lenovo showed the device from the movie that made time travel possible.

Clearly, weve been getting ready for today. #BackToTheFutureDay #BackToTheFuture #LenovoYSeries #fluxcapacitor pic.twitter.com/uHsl4Mlxrk. Air carrier JetBlue Airways reminded subscribers that are dear to him still need.

Roads. Still dont need those where were going. #McFLYing #BackToTheFuture pic.twitter.com/EdlPnlhzUQ. Food brand showed its Danepak bacon of the future, which arrives right on the sandwich.

Online store Asos showed appropriate by this date, a t-shirt from their range. Getting in the spirit.. #BackToTheFuture https://t.co/b2U97rGGSm pic.twitter.com/ODbYl2GPU9. The betting company has found similarities between Donald trump and a negative character in the film by Biff Tannen (his role was played by actor Thomas Francis Wilson).

Uncanny.. #BackToTheFuture pic.twitter.com/3UMA7xHfSq. Universal Pictures has created a bot to Doc browns page in Facebook that users went with him to “communicate”.

The company left “Easter eggs” on its website, which told in social networks. If you type “OUTOTIME” after the page loads, the user will see a video with flying time machine. 1) Go here.

Https://t.co/fM3m224DnH 2) Type OUTATIME 3) Enjoy. #BTTF pic.twitter.com/S9WyiZ9qzE. Toyota to promote its hydrogen car Toyota Mirai has published on the YouTube account the video featuring the actors who played the main role in the film. The video is filmed with elements of futuristic style and shows the possibilities of the machine. The operator joked that users no longer have to find ways to time travel, because “the future is already here”.

MTS compared, any technology presented in the film, appeared in reality, and any existing decisions the film-makers didnt foresee. MegaFon gave the vote asked its subscribers that they took a trip in time to surprise the people who lived 30 years ago. Smartphone or tablet latest generation 3D printer, the dog-robot or something else.

In the survey participated 1 397 people. Sberbank also reminded users about the occurrence of future, but at the same time about its function transfers from your smartphone. The German brand has set up a project in Instagram for Russian users, in which “sent” his followers in the Soviet past.

The latest publication puts users in a separate account rittersport85. There are notes about the “imminent” release of the film “Rambo” with Stallone, the popularity of “Tetris”, created by Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov, the champion chess player Garry Kasparov and about the different holidays. Aviasales has promised to find tickets in the future and make a page on the website accordingly.

The Russian office of Google was trying to guess what could be the story of the search for Doc and Marty, and was offered a ride in a time machine in Google Maps. If Marty and Doc were occupied from 2015 phone with Google, what would be their search history.

#BTTF2015 pic.twitter.com/jhNFh3HMzS. Although today is not so like in the movie #nakedboobs, take a ride on a time machine is possible in @googlemaps. Pic.twitter.com/JN9d5WsZ4n. The company posted a quote from the movie and translated by users on its home page where when you click on the icon “Back to the future” you can see her in a new design — with Marty McFly and the Doc, who is in Moscow. On the tablet with Marty are “Yandex.Cards”, and the window flying cars “Yandex.Taxi”.

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