“Bad employees, colleagues throw themselves from the company”

If you leave the economy and look at the ideology of our company, there have the answer to why we dont do desserts, sandwiches and cheesecakes. The fact that we have a lot of money, effort and personal funds, mental and financial spend to grab a good coffee lots (batches). From the outside it seems — well, think, coffee actually stock the product. Went, the trader bought, then it is processed and sold.

But as soon as you want to do something real, you immediately understand there are nuances, and these nuances are all lies. We are very ambitious people, and we should at least be among the best in the world (not saying “best in the world”, because not yet reached; once would be best, I will say so). Among our small party fight for the lots is serious, because a good farm, well located and in which all consistently well handled, with whom it is possible to establish normal relations and to be sure that the coffee you bought, came to you and not to your neighbor, not so much, there are not an infinite number, and many farmers are working with the state and just pass everything into a common pot.

Many farmers are working with the traders are correct, they are cheaper to sell your coffee, but is guaranteed; we still pay for the taste. You have to understand that they have a lot of things to do to get tasty, and then they get more money for their coffee, so this is for them, too, a certain risk. Basically, farmers on the verge of survival and on the verge of being able to eat.

Because everything is so hard, in fact we are good customers, because those who are working with us, has the ability not only to eat, but also to invest in his farm and do more than their colleagues. But on the other hand, is a risk, because there is a crop failure is agriculture, it happens that it rained once again, something else came down, rust on the leaves, and you lost the harvest and in fact you have nothing to feed the family. Therefore, this work requires a lot of time and money, because coffee does not grow in Russia, and not 2 hours to fly there, where it grows — and in each country need to come in person, to ensure that there occurs at the time of harvest, at the time of processing.

To have come several times, because the harvest of non-synchronous — that is not what he at the same time is ripe, you came , all tried and left. In one country at one time is ripe, the other to the other, so we spend a lot of effort, time and money to get those lots that were happy with the quality, taste sensations. Put next to this some frozen cheesecake — I think its just impossible, I think its shameful. The sandwich, which brings us supplier — you need to order it, respectively, the ingredients they put in the best case the day before, and the bread will bake for the day, or even two before you put the ingredients in it.

Thus, Ill sell you a three day old sandwich, and I think this is also completely incorrect. It is necessary or OK to have a cafe or restaurant, or if we make coffee, we make coffee shop. Another consideration, which was the basis of our concept is to help your business easily replicable. Us recently in a very reputable publication called “the ugly overgrown coffee chain in the country,” although I find it difficult to agree with this — I think we grew ugly.

The first coffee house was opened in late may 2013, now we have 36 or 38, I dont remember exactly — so thats how. We are now in St. Petersburg has opened 3 new coffee shops — Yes, somewhere 37. But nevertheless, we could open a lot faster, but we restrain the growth of its own — first, because we want to work with someone we like. People have to like as a person should be passionate about our business and our idea of the universal rule of good coffee.

Before you take his money, you need to verify that this is the man who would go with us to further develop the coffee industry because it is, of course, is in its infancy in our country, and we need like-minded people, not money — money in the country very much, so this is not an issue that worries us. We need a model that is easily replicated; you need to have clear steps to open a coffee shop and it is desirable that they are laid in a month. We very easily reached, we could open faster, the only problem is that officially there is no such profession as “Barista”, that is, if you post an ad “we invite Barista to work”, will come to you or the bartender (at best) or just someone who knows how to approach the coffee machine.

So we opened our own center where we train people for ourselves and for our partners, there is record of the future. Although this profession is simple, and Yes, shes fashionable — it can be learned in a month or two; however, it requires commitment, a very serious approach. This is not the case when you work as a cashier.

Need to dive, you need to understand, need to work on myself and need to constantly evolve, because, unfortunately, the industry is so young that its unclear which way it will go. Our industry industry good coffee — her 10 years max. 10 years ago the connection between what a farmer grows on the farm and what you drink in the Cup, or else it absolutely was not engaged, and no one tried to analyze if the farmer will farm these 2 steps for processing coffee, as it will affect the taste in the Cup. This industry did not exist.

“Vynnyky” has gone far ahead, to be envied, they have been doing well. We are still trying, but, to our great regret, the one magazine that you love to read young entrepreneurs and investors, wrote about our coffee industry, which no one notices us and for some reason noticed. The problems started. While we successfully defend ourselves from a large number of investors who come and offer huge amounts of money — they dont understand when they say “we dont need”.

I mean, we dont have. I dont understand where I can now spend 100 million dollars (and this is the first step, which begins with dialogue). I then give them — I cant just spend, you want them back. They say “Actually, thats how business works”.

I say. “No, business does not work that way. Business works when Im in a lot of money and I can afford in this company what I want. And what you have to offer is a bubble that quickly inflated and sold”.

I do care, I know every person in this company and want to continue to move in the same direction. So while we each other do not quite understand. I think that not many entrepreneurs who are building the coffee chain, will refuse them the great opportunities that the idea of giving this money to. Thus we can a lot of quality in our industry to lose.

So now we all call back, rewrite, think how to live in the future. The industry is still very small, everyone knows each other and against each other all the advice — what would this do good to the industry to maintain — but, of course, all that money is love. I actually wanted the most important thing to say. If you think your company and want to do something, I beg you. Think immediately that this company was competitive on the world market.

Dont compete with your neighbor, Joe, it will be uninteresting, trite. Each of us in the head enough brains and strength to do whats best from a neighbor, or just better than in the country, and to enter the top 10 global companies. Maybe not in size and not by the amount of money, but the quality of the product and the idea is that in which it is laid. I think without these ambitions is better not to start.

Better to sit in the corporate office, get your 10 thousand dollars a month and have a rest 3-4 times a year. Because private business has no holidays and never have money — sometimes a lot of money and it is unclear what to do next — whether in the business to invest, whether to relax. If the will to do something, do something now than the country could be proud of. I think this is very important. To the country, and children, and friends that are all like “Well, thats what I understand!”.

Then well all be happy and we will finally find many companies that feel good regardless of the crisis and fluctuations — because if you have a real product.. For example, in our case the growth rate of our costs have risen, and if before the coffee she was at the level of 12% of the value at the coffee shop, now rose to 22%. Yes, it is unpleasant, but the reasonableness of the business processes allows calmly to survive it. On the one hand, we lose on cost, on the other hand, we will rise from the point of view of turnover and number of guests who go to us.

So if you came up with the idea, which can stand for 50 and 100 years, it doesnt matter what course today and it doesnt even matter what tomorrow holds, because for centuries there are wars, earthquakes and exchange rates change, everything changes — most importantly, the company survived. If you think about it and to make such company, and in the country all will be well, both us and globally, I think thats what it should be collected. For the other makes no sense. We do not yet feel familiar, read business books, problems of growth.

I purposely building a company (again, to me its more convenient, and maybe its wrong), Ive decided I want to build the company on the principle of management of small companies. I dont want to manage the Corporation where I have on each function for 50 people, do who knows what — and then there are the individuals responsible for the fact that they worked effectively. I regret looking at large corporations, which, like some Coca-Cola, start well, and then it turns into a continuous development of budgets and absolutely no interest neither the company nor any of its data source.

Thats why our company is managed by just two people and we do it together — I know what to do, when we will have 100 coffee shops, you know, when that happens, you know, when we will have 200 and 300. The only difficulty is associated only with the spatial distribution of. We have coffee shops in Kazakhstan, in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and since everything is tied to me and my few colleagues, sometimes a little forgotten, in which city are you now, what city you call with any question.

But all this can be solved, we slowly systematize business. To be honest, the business itself is quite simple, and if you know what it consists of, the answers to the questions to find just. There is a large human fatigue but honestly, it is pleasant. We have a very simple motivation. First of all, our baristas are working with a very cool product, and for them it is very serious motivation.

Secondly, we pay a little above market, for me this is a fundamentally. We can afford it. We have some fines, but its more of this disciplinary thing that still does not work. We built the team that all the bad employees they throw themselves from the company.

If a man is late, he brings his colleagues. If they are late regularly, it will quickly go to look for a job. Because everyone wants to work with a professional, good colleagues. I think the main motivation is associated not only with fines, but with the possibilities.

That is, those who are certified, those traveling to locations together with our chefs, who are engaged in selection of coffee on the farm. For many baristas trip to the location financially impossible without the participation of the company. This is the dream of many a Barista. Why go to the location I honestly can not understand.

I always tell guys, if you came to me and said “Anya, will you buy me a ticket, I want to go to London in the best coffee that there is” tomorrow Id bought, would not need to wait for certification. And for some reason you all want to go to Ethiopia. So what. See how coffee grows. Look at the picture.

No, they have to go to the location. Although as a businessman I clearly realize that its just youth and inexperience. Because Ive traveled halfway around the world from the point of view of the best coffee shops. We always compare coffee that we get, with the best roasters of the world.

In order to know where you are. Praise yourself very simply. But when blind capita (taste) the same item that you bought for five roasters, on the farm, and your Cup is the best on the table, and all the best roasters of the world admitted it is nice. Everything else is, by and large, nonsense.

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