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Today in the category of “Startups” — Bandtraq service that aggregates music news from different sources and helps fans not miss information about their favorite groups. Pass the microphone. My name is Dmitry Litvinov, I am 40 years old.

Im a serial entrepreneur in the it, but for the first startup brought me my passion for music. A big part of my life, I actively listen and collect music. At some point I realized that the tracking of new products favorite bands takes me a long time and I still always miss new releases, music videos or concerts.

I have found some prorabotala sites and apps, but nothing sensible was not among them. After talking with friends, actively interested in music, I found a similar problem. All monitors dozens of websites, communities, subscribe to the artists in social networks, but also, like me, youre missing out.

Had the idea to do the service, which would help to gather all the important events related to your favorite teams in one convenient place. It would seem that when there are so many channels of information, they may miss something important almost impossible.

There are a large number of different music or okolomuzykalnyh services, platforms and projects that supply useful information. Only list the major: In addition to these, there are also many online magazines, blogs, recommendation services, radio stations, and much more. All of this is very difficult to follow.

The problem is particularly acute if the list of your favorites not confined to a few popular music groups, and consists of dozens of teams and performers of different genres and directions. After talking with fellow musicians, I realized that they are facing the same problem — no simple way to convey news to 100% of their audience. Despite the large number of channels for communication with students, their efficacy and availability for the independent musician remains a big question.

For example, Facebook uses a special algorithm to build a news feed that decides for users what they should see. Thus, a large number of subscribers music pages dont see news from your favorite groups. Because of this, the part of the musicians migrated to other social networks, e.g. Twitter and Instagram.

But even there now began to use special algorithms to filter publications. All this led to the fact that fans are forced to track additional channels of communication with your favorite bands and musicians have to spend much more time on promotion. Realizing that the problem is large and multifaceted, I decided to do a project.

Found programmer, and we started to develop the engine for the future of the service. After a while we were joined by two of my friends — owner of indie label and musician who, in addition to professional participation in the project was very useful with his knowledge in the music industry. We called the project Bandtraq and a few months ago launched its public beta.

Now Bandtraq is a service, which accumulates data from seven official channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, iTunes, Amazon, Bands In Town, TicketFly) more than 100 thousand artists. All information can be viewed in a single news feed, and separate tabs with a certain kind of content (video, releases, concerts). Favorite groups can be added through the search on the site or just import a list directly from Facebook or

In your profile, each user can also subscribe to different alerts to promptly receive information about the release of the album, the clip and other e-mail. In addition to tracking news on specific groups, our service gives you the option to subscribe to entire musical styles and to follow the news a specific scene. We also added a feature music recommendations.

If you go to the profile of any artist, you will see similar musicians, and under Discover, you can get personalized recommendations, tailored service based on the list of favorite groups of the user. For those who prefer the instant messengers, we have written a bot for Telegram. It is a quite simple and handy music “expert”.

Also in test mode launched the registration for musicians, so they can manage their profile, up-to-date information and useful statistics. Now the service has over 2 million registered users. Our users on average in 70 groups on control, but among them there are Champions with 400-800 monitored groups.

During the work on the service and we found a few similar projects from different countries that started with us at about the same time. By and large, they all offer only part of the functionality presented here. Rousesocial — only track news musicians on Twitter. Stashimi — track Facebook, RSS magazines, Youtube. JamFeed — track RSS magazines and concerts.

Record Bird — track only releases, show news and clips related to the release. Muzeroom — monitor RSS feeds, journals and Youtube. The first three are only in the form of mobile apps, Record Bird has both app and web version, and finally Muzeroom, as our project is a web service. At the same time, database of artists they have much less, and they do not allow to add new groups and link manually, do not allow to monitor the scene and do not have a recommendation function.

The main task today — to release in 2017, the smartphone app-based mobile version of the site. Strategically, we see two ways of development of the project.

Build in a social component to the fans or to extend the functionality for musicians. At this stage we are actively collecting feedback and decide which direction to choose priority. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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