Beaconka service to interact with visitors to offline shops and restaurants using mobile devices

Good day. My name is Roman efimushkin, I am 37 years old. I graduated from MSTU named after Bauman. He started his professional career as a programmer at a small telecommunications company. After working there for several years, joined the company on development of gaming hardware (Yes, those same machines that are in casinos), where closely engaged in the construction, optimization and programming of mathematical models of game logic.

When the government decided to limit the proliferation of slot machines and went to work in one of the research Institute, where he participated in the development of SOC (system-on-chip) for digital television. During the crisis of 2008, the Institute abruptly poplohelo. I wanted to see how large the company and how they established the development process.

Settled in one of the large international companies, where I work to this day. In parallel, we with friends have decided to launch your startup (my first experience with a startup). Initially we wanted to do a service that allows contactless payment in shops and restaurants, and even created a project called “Aeroplanes”. But while we were sawing our product in the international market has become popular another technology that, as it seemed to us, would Eclipse all other technologies for retail, whats more, it also included the possibility of contactless payment.

Talking about BLE Beacon technology that allows you to track the actions of visitors to offline businesses and to create targeted advertising, keeping in touch via mobile app. Seeing enormous potential BLE Beacon in our market, we moved on to product development based on this technology — it happened Beaconka, and I want to tell the distinguished audience So, what is Beaconka.

It is a platform created on the basis of location-based BLE Beacon technology that allows you to recognize customers offline shops and restaurants, can monitor them, collect them, send targetirovanie advertising and personalized offers. Customers, for their part, get to enjoy a personal loyalty program, to make contactless payments and always have access to the storefront via your cell phone. On the platform Beaconka already developed and operates the first mobile application for retail business store “Green fence” in the town of Ramenskoye (Moscow region). The app “Green fence” is available for iOS and Android.

For the system to work, the app must be installed and the seller, and the visitor. In addition, the service point should be equipped with a special Bluetooth beacons, responsible for signal transmission. Thus, the system will analyze the presence and movement of visitors around the room and record their actions.

When approaching a client, for example, to store the beacons send a signal, and let the app recognize it. After receiving this information, the program may, in accordance with a specified algorithm, to send a special offer, for example, about “the goods of day” or “free coffee”, which will appear on the screen of the mobile phone client. Apart from the fact that the proposal for the buyer will be relevant in time and place (he will be in the immediate vicinity of the store), the contents of the message are also possible to personalize, it can store all the data about previous activities of the client (for example, what product is most often it is bought or were looking in the window).

Beaconka range of applications is extremely wide. The service can be adapted to the various enterprises of the HoReCa. For example, the waiters of the restaurant where there Beaconka, always be aware of how to make coffee for the client, what kind of wine he liked and what roast has to be steak. Order history is displayed in the profile of visitors and thus is formed the “map preferences”. Of course, clients will be pleased to visit places where you already know their desires and serves what you need.

More recently, pinpoint targeting was available only online stores that could obtain information about the views product and to increase the number of purchases using personalized promotional offers (for example, adjusting retargeting). Finally, modern tools for enhancing the available sales and offline retailers. This will inevitably lead to increase of efficiency of advertising campaigns and the change in the usual pattern of interaction between buyers and sellers. Part of the investment to commercialize the platform was received from Fund of assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in scientific-technical sphere (“Bortnik Foundation”), another part of the money invested in the company Complex Systems, which is a technical partner of the project.

The entire amount of the investment amounted to 9 million rubles. The costs of the enterprise (shop or restaurant) to install Beaconka vary depending on the goals. First, you will need to consider the cost of purchase and installation of beacons (from 3000 rubles per piece). The lifespan of a lighthouse is limited only by the lifetime of the battery and varies from several months to several years (depending on the speed of recognition of moving a client).

In the case of using a USB beacon that is connected to the network, the lifetime is practically unlimited. The number of beacons that need to equip a premise, depends on the goals and objectives of the customer. In order to fix only a visit to the store by customers, only one lighthouse. If the seller is important to know the movement of visitors inside the object and approach to the shelves, the beacon it is necessary to equip each rack.

In addition to these expenses, the shop will have to make monthly payments to the developers of the platform (monthly fee). The monthly fee for the first client that implemented Beaconka, — “Green fence” — 15 000 rubles. The product was created and developed by a team from the companys Complex Systems. Three applications programmer, two programmers backend, copywriter, designer.

I and my two friends are the founders of a start-up and ongoing management activities. Our first significant result is the launch Beaconka in the first retail outlet, which took place on 4 August 2015. There are plans to launch in other stores and restaurants. In addition, we are going to develop the product in two directions.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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