“Beeline” has launched a contest on social networks for the recognition of the popular bloggers in the advertising campaign of the operator

Users should share the post with friends to guess the names of all the bloggers of the material and to send options to address [email protected] or leave it in the comments. In addition, you need to be a customer of Beeline. The winner will be determined by random selection. Bloggers, among whom was Mikhail Slobodin, starred for the advertising campaign of “Beeline” in support of the proposal “and free 4G Unlimited Internet”.

Billboards and city boards appeared in St. Petersburg — they would fix the streets within a month. The exact number of posters the company did not disclose, but contends that “the placement volume is comparable to the average advertising campaign”. In addition to outdoor advertising, Beeline plans to organize in St. Petersburg the number of offline events, where fans and bloggers will be able to meet them and get an autograph.

According to the company, the target audience — the youth. We see great potential in joint projects with new idols of the young generation and assured that the ad campaign with popular bloggers will be significant and will enable us to provide our target audience the advantages of revolutionary action, which we launched. Senior Manager, social media “Beeline” mark told Ilan about the target audience of the campaign, the choice of bloggers and location for the boards, and also remembered other projects with members of the new ad.

Why the campaign is being held in St. Petersburg. Why did you decide not to take Moscow and other cities. On the one hand, St. Petersburg, Russia for us is a priority region in the development perspective of the business and is advanced enough to try unconventional forms of communication.

And custom on both sides. As for the classic marketing and social media. If we achieve the project expected results will multiplex. By the way, this is not our first job with St. Petersburg as the “sandbox”.

We conducted a Blogging Basics zles Day, major instagram contest #sorostitutes, was doing a big area at the festival “Vkontakte” and so on. What you were guided when choosing bloggers. They all have very different audience, though not all are widely recognized. With someone else you are trying to negotiate.

We really tried to select opinion leaders in various social media channels — for obvious reasons. To reach the largest audience. Moreover, as already mentioned, the campaign aims to double penetration. Offline (billboards) and online (social media).

Who wouldnt recognize on the street, in a few million eyes — read on personal site and go to the sales offices of “Beeline” for the autograph-card of your pet. After the campaign they already better will be found on the street, so everybody wins here. With many of these bloggers, we have long and successful working, so one of the arguments in the selection of the pool was the historical proximity.

We received consent from all of the bloggers who are invited to participate in the campaign. Failure was not. For the sake of precision, I note that you did not post on the boards the Gordon Kate, because of differences in our schedules. You can identify the target audience of the campaign.

Or, maybe it is different in different groups of posters?. Second. We are interested not only to obtain maximum coverage, but also to explore the reaction of users of different target segments social media. According to Beeline, the brand is collaborating with these bloggers on a regular basis.

In what format. Can you tell us about the early campaigns with them. Often its still activated, and offline too. You may recall the contest in Instagram #net, Russian championship Streetgaming, festivals Vkontakte and AFP (Alfa Future prize Awards), roaming from “Beeline” (Hong Kong, Singapore), “70,000”, “7 days of free Internet” (application for social networks, in which the user in the course of a week shows how he uses free mobile Internet.

The main prize — a year of free Internet). In the state of “Beeline” several bloggers — for example, the General Director (a business blogger # 1 in Russia the coverage), the head of social media and a dozen other. Of course, we use our own communications and platforms to support marketing and other activities of the company.

This means that there is not such loud and open projects with bloggers, but no less important and useful.

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