Belivl — Service For Progressive Singles

My name is Mitya frih-har, Im 34 years old, Belivl is my second project for last five years. The first project Cost of life, was about the cost of owning the car. I have more than five years act as product Manager and usability specialist in various projects in Russia, Norway and the USA. UX and running it projects for over 12 years.

Belivl — a mobile app that allows people without the hassle and hesitate to start exploring. The idea came last year. Friends showed me what services theyre using to find a mate. Their comments and what I saw, conceptually and functionally — caused me regret.

I checked everywhere, where only it was possible. On one site I advertised boys. On another almost immediately after registration (even photos are not added yet) I was told that I almost do not Mr Popular. Somewhere posted photos instead of the logo — in a month sent a message that I am one of the most attractive users. In General, circle of deception.

Formed a list of hypotheses, conducted a small survey on Facebook, received a lot of feedback. So I wanted to make other travelers. Most reviews on the concept Belivl was from those to whom social contacts are expensive and who do not want to waste energy on something annoying.

One of my hypotheses was that introverts 30 years and older need a fundamentally different interface for Dating than extroverts. Prototype testing has shown that extroverts are not less interested in our method of exploring. The application helps to learn without boring and overly eloquent questionnaires, but given the attitudes and values. Helps tactfully to start a relationship.

The process of gradual discovering, with every step you will learn about the other person something new. If you want fast, then there are Tinder and other great projects. There is no and there will be no ratings, no likes, no gifts — it is better to donate money, for example, for the publication of a new book. Annoying ads too, no.

Started recently, yet have only made a version for iPhone. In a team of two people who develop web and mobile applications at least 12 years, and two people younger than. Designer and iOS developer. As with the previous project Cost of life, I have assembled a team with no outside investors.

None of the project participants did not like the Dating sites and never thought to develop such services — but the problems that we have identified for an interview, and a desire to help those who cant find a pair in existing projects, outweighed. We decided to make no Tinder, no OkCupid Mamba and not and honest and tranquil service that helps to meet discreetly. Future plans — to actively listen to users, add only critical functions and to make a version for Android. Later, adapt the questions for other cultures and countries and launch a version in English, German and Spanish.

Now the app is free. In surcharge will be added some service functions.

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