Best Books 2016 — Choice Bill Gates

The book by American writer David foster Wallace about the physics and metaphysics of tennis. Wallace offers his perspective on what happens when a person all of your attention and diligence concentrates on how to guide the yellow ball where his opponent. “Dont need to love tennis to understand this book,” writes gates. According to him, the book of Wallace was his favorite works since working as the head of Microsoft. The book is co-founder of Nike Phil knight.

The entrepreneur told about how the company was created, where did the logo, what difficulties were at work on various models of shoes which errors were committed. Book Indian-American physician, scholar and writer, received the Pulitzer prize. In his new book, Siddhartha Mukherjee spoke about the past, present and future of venous medicine. British political scientist and historian, honorary Professor of politics at Oxford University Archie brown said in his book that leaders who make a really important contribution to the development of humanity, were not the people who are called “strong leaders”. According to gates, the book is particularly relevant now, probably alluding to the election of the President of the United States.

A book about the aging of mains. Gates describes it as “a story about ordinary things, which really captures the spirit”. The tank explains the strategic importance of networks, explains why they are the greatest wonders of engineering, why is it so difficult to make them upgrade and what will networks of the future.

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