Best European City To Open A Startup — Report ESI

The survey of entrepreneurs was conducted in the period from November 2015 to April 2016 on the website of ESI. Businessmen were asked to answer the question. “If you could re-build a startup, what city would you do it?”. Additionally, they indicated information about its origins, demographics and type of business. The global objective of the authors of the ESI is to create an interactive map of the migration patterns of the entrepreneurs, which will determine the landscape of European startup ecosystem.

The researchers analyzed these patterns and recognize that it encouraged businessmen to go abroad. They evaluated what factors attracted and repelled by entrepreneurs, and how they were associated with their professional sector. In total, the study involved 700 people.

At the same time every fifth Respondent opened a company abroad. The largest outflows of entrepreneurs (29%) came from Italy, at that time, as most businessmen preferred to settle in the Netherlands (31%). Among the reasons that encourage people to open companies in other countries, 71% of respondents pointed to the need to find a more qualified staff, 69% — the desire to be part of a more Mature startup ecosystem, 51% desire to reduce costs and 44% on the opportunity to attract more investment. Top 30 cities with the best conditions for doing business according to entrepreneurs.

“The European startup initiative” is a non — profit organization established in 2012 with the support of the Foundation, Allianz Cultural Foundation. Its goal is the creation of a single European startup community.

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