Best on Medium: design Rules pitch presentations from a founder, Mylo, Vizualize.Me and Piccsy

“Many of the founders of innovative technology companies show themselves surprisingly conservative when it comes to the creation and design of presentations for investors — which is surprising, given how their products look, and what resources they have,” writes Eclair. According to Eclair, for one of his startups (Piccsy), he created a presentation, which largely helped him to “sell” the product to investors. The company raised $40 thousand of investment and how the entrepreneur thinks, though not the main, but not the last role in this was played by interesting feature presentation. “Of course, a quality product presentation does not replace, but it can greatly enhance your pitch”. As an example, Daniel Eclair examines the presentation of its new start — up platform for finding clothes Mylo.

The app, developed by Eclair, allows you to pick up clothes for a certain weather or occasion. Not: Need: Many papers describing the design of the pitch presentation, the authors call for the founder to carefully organize the information and “describe in detail each of 10 slides to be shown during the performance,” writes Eclair.

However, according to the entrepreneur, all of these authors forget about the main thing — presentation and the pitch should be a coherent story that will entice investors. The best approach, says Daniel Eclair, is to tell a three-minute story about how the problem occurred, why it requires the solution of how the product solves it and why the company is obliged to become successful. “Your story needs to show that the product that you have developed, is the logical conclusion of the story, and exactly what you need to solve this problem,” writes Eclair. He also recommends to make an additional presentation, which will include “explaining” the slides, and to which you will refer when answering questions from the audience. The purpose of the first meeting, says Eclair, no investment, and to attract potential investors to encourage them to discuss.

“Did you ever see such a. You came on a first date, and knew immediately whether you like people or not. While some visits were so successful that after you started to dream about the wedding. Meeting with investors in this plan is no different from Dating,” says the entrepreneur.

Ideally, after the first meeting, told Eclair, investors need to fantasize about how many millions of dollars they can bring to a startup. And strong first slide will help guide their thoughts in that direction — if the founder will be able to hook investors and grasp their attention. The story may be of interest to the listener only if it keeps him in suspense. “There is nothing interesting in order to give the main character everything he wants, but the next 90 minutes of the film watching him as well”. Therefore, the solution to the problem, writes Eclair, should appear at the beginning of the presentation — it should be its culmination.

“Many people believe that good design is directly related to beauty. Its not exactly”. Daniel Eclair offers to pay attention to the first slide in the presentation Mylo — this slide, he says, quite ugly. And this is not an accident.

Good design means the ability of the slide to convey the right message. The creators Mylo wanted just by looking at the first slide of the presentation, the audience immediately realized how much discomfort the problem brings people. In order to convey this idea, the team also used a photo of Mark Zuckerberg — as “many in the tech industry knows that the founder of Facebook is no different sense of style”. Under the transitions the author means not animation effects that PowerPoint provides, and the semantic and visual alarms.

For example, he writes, is to think about that image on all the slides were located in one place — this will give a sense of integrity. In addition, with the help of this technique, you can create an interesting visual transitions.

Daniel Eclair offers to the one who is engaged in the design of the presentation, imagine yourself in the place of the listener, and best of all — a potential investor. In this case he needs to try to understand how to convey to the listener what he wished to convey. Illustrations help the listener to “find himself” in the situation described by the speaker. Thats what the weakness of the photos, says Eclair, they are not given space to the imagination.

That is why in the presentation Mylo uses pictures and not pictures. So far, no real indicators of the project no, Daniel Eclair recommends to include in the story about the product description of what it (“at least ten times”) is superior to its competitors and thereby be able to capture the market. In addition, you should indicate the potential of the selected platforms and niches.

“Feel free to show to the investor, any money he will swim, if will support you now. Everyone wants to be the new Elon Musk,” says the entrepreneur. Most likely, after the development of the presentation, says Daniel Eclair, still have a huge amount of additional information and the project of which it was decided not to mention — for the sake of brevity. But it can be useful in answering the questions of the investors. Such data makes sense to bear on individual slides and use them as a visual support when responding.

It is also worth considering what questions to ask investors, and disclose the topics on additional slides. For example, for the presentation of the Mylo team has prepared some additional slides, but one of which depicted the set of all its competitors. According to Eclair, usually on pitch presentations this slide has been overlooked in the course of the story, and investors are accustomed not well enough to consider it, but for Mylo was really important to show that the manual carefully analyzed the market.

In addition, when you make additional slides you can not follow the “rule of 20” — it can accommodate as much information as you need to remember all the key points and answer questions.


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