Best on Medium: How I three hours has created its own service and what are the lessons learned from this

One morning, the author writes, he stumbled upon a tweet investor and former CEO Jason Calacanis — he told me that someone wrote his essay about the new General Director of Twitter in audio format. Hilarious.. I read @jason essay on the next twitter CEO out loud for no discernible reason by @baratunde In comments to the tweet by one of our subscribers Calacanis said that would pay for the opportunity to listen to some essays and service, whose team would read the texts, would be very useful.

According to Eglon, he immediately realized that he needs to realize this idea — and as soon as possible. Three hours later the service was launched. Thats what the author has done in those three hours.

For these few hours, says Work, he learned a few things. Early in the morning, the author does not know who Baratunde Thurston (the one who read aloud an essay by Jason Calacanis), and after a few hours he created a website named after him. But this man still doesnt know about mark Ahlone. “If I asked him permission to use his name, I would most likely not get what you want — were not even familiar with,” explains the author of the material.

Says Work, he was aware of the possible consequences of his act, but decided to go on them. After the product was launched, the author wrote Turston a letter explaining.

In a time when Work was about to send this letter to the addressee, he received a message from Thurston on Twitter, in which he requested to be emailed to the author. “Somehow I felt that he was angry”. Work sent a letter Turston. The answer he received.

Thurston thanked Aglona for the fact that he sent him a letter and thus gave time to step back and think things through. Before start service, Work had no idea that it will eventually happen, and will do it at least someone. But, as the author notes, he had nothing to lose but $17 invested in domain.

It could upset a stranger — but, after reviewing the profile of Thurston on Twitter, the journalist realized that Thurston is the man who will soon forget this insult. In addition, the Work went on another risk, he knew, would of Baratunde Thurston to participate in this venture and to read an essay to possible users (the idea of service was to have the text read it). In this case, in order not to disappoint the users Work would read the essay itself. “Nothing would have happened,” he says. is not the first project that the author of the material posted on the service for search startups Product Hunt, and he knew that the key to success is early publication of the product. When Work was ready to publish the post about the new project, already passed more than half the day — and the chances of success were not very high. “I just wanted to post it on Product Hunt, so soon as I had the opportunity, I did it. Capture the moment,” writes mark Work.

Create a landing page and get hundreds of applications from people wishing to use the service is relatively simple, writes Work. Much harder to attract people who will be willing to pay for the product. For the first two hours after connection of the payment system for the use of the product paid two.

After the first 48 hours was paid five. “Its not too impressive showing, but what I did was anyones interested,” says the author of the material. He also cites the views of service on Product Hunt and a few other metrics that reflect interest in the project. In addition to new services, says Work, Product Hunt is a convenient “sandbox” for testing hypotheses.

The founder can quickly get feedback, discuss with users and implement fixes in the product. In addition, users of Product Hunt can tell, what they lack in the product at the moment, and the founder is to make suggestions in the roadmap of building service. Before starting marks Work did not know whether this project is successful, will attract the attention of users, and they want someone to pay for the product.

In addition, he could not imagine how to react to the Thurston Baratunde. Work received support from Thurston, and about the extent of this support, he also could not guess in advance — he told about the service in the podcast This Week in Tech, one of the largest podkastov shows on technological subjects in the USA. During the broadcast, said Work, received hundreds of new registrations.

All this, according to the author, like jumping into the abyss — until the founder of a startup will not step into it, he wont know what happens to him. According to mark Work, start your own project taught him that what is customary not to pay attention, can seriously affect users. For example, reducing the speed of loading the operating system for a second it seems many manufacturers are not a priority, then how it can dramatically change their attitude towards the software. @marceglon small annoyances every day can be large marginal gains.

“Many things that are destined to become the next big thing, remain unnoticed by the industry — because they seem obvious,” says the author. “When I first learned about Product Hunt, I did not attach any importance — it seemed to me that makes no sense to create a Hacker News for startups. And Im glad I was wrong. The best ideas sometimes looking right at us, and we dont notice them”. Work hopes that will be able to become popular.

He helps people to fill with something useful, when they have no opportunity to read independently and they are not doing anything significant (e.g., washing dishes). “There is no need to build something new, if you are just experimenting,” says Work. The key to a rapid build MVP, he says, is to take an already existing product with open source code and adapt it for your own needs, to set free the channels of distribution, to use their existing hosting without spending the time needed to implement what had already been done by others.


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