Best for the week: “killer” Tesla, desktop Zuckerberg, the decision of the FAS in the case against Google

“Killer” Tesla electric cars Audi, Porsche and Thunder, presented at the international motor show in Frankfurt. Mark Zuckerberg showed his working place in the new headquarters of Facebook.

During the regular session of questions and answers, mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook is working on the emergence of the social network buttons Dislike (dislike). The FAS found Google guilty in a dispute with the “Yandex” on the abuse of a dominant position on the market.

The average Moscow resident can buy an iPhone 6 in 20 working days — a study by Swiss Bank UBS. Is it possible to create a good reputation for fake business — editors note Fusion edition about how she collected the fake reviews and customers for your non-existent business by organizing a karaoke party Freakin Awesome Karaoke Express. 10 of the most interesting offices 2015 — compendium edition Inc.

Google, Pebble, Foursquare and other it companies have supported American student Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested for homemade watch teachers took them for an explosive device. Developer messenger Snapchat acquired Odessa startup Looksery, creating a service for the transformation of face images in real-time, for $150 million.

Artemy Lebedev demanded 1.5 million rubles for the use of his Studio font on the covers of books Tatiana Ustinova.


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