Best For The Week: Mikhail Slobodin, The Counter Hits In “Vkontakte” And Life In London

The most popular and discussed texts in a week in the traditional Sunday digest.

“VKontakte” launched a public count of the records in the community and on the pages of users. It shows information about all records published since the beginning of January 2017. Edition interviewed participants of the advertising market and learned how the innovation will affect the behavior of brands, agencies and users.

Former product Manager of “Yandex” Buldakova Anna wrote a column about how to learn not to accumulate a lot of unnecessary references and to have time to read everything. The author shared his tips for storing and reading articles as well as useful tools that can help to maintain order in work and personal Affairs. “Yandex” has opened a new range of free courses “Mobilization”, is intended for developers, designers and managers who want to create mobile products.

Developed by Badoo Anton Rusakov told about the intricacies of moving to London. In his column, he answered the most popular questions concerning visa, housing, education, medicine, work and leisure in the British capital.

Russian designer Artemy Lebedev has created a sneaker design for the Nike contest. The company will choose the concept of one of the 12 guest designers and will launch its sale around the world.

The founder of the shop domains DomainParking Paul gross-Dneprov wrote a column in which he explained, as domain investors differ from cybersquatters and how to protect your domain from scammers. 7. The former head of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin for the first time in six months publicly commented on the excited criminal case against him of paying bribes to the government of the Republic of Komi at a time when he was head of energy company “T Plus”. In particular, he shared his vision of the situation and told how she actually left Russia. Edition we gathered in one material all Slobodin said and not said.

Product designer Anton Balashov wrote a column about the principles of design by well-known digital products — Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Apple and other companies. He also gave tips on how to develop their own rules of harmonious design.

9. Entrepreneur and head of service on work with the client thread Callibri Ivan Shkirya wrote about why not to abuse the audio messages and video messages in business correspondence. 10. “Tinkoff Bank” for 2017 plans to develop its own network of ATMs. “We understand where our customers are, where theyre making money, and there will stand for our ATMs,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank Oleg Tinkov.

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