Best For The Week: Work In “Yandex”, Life In Sydney And The Concept Of The Hyperloop In Dubai

The most popular and discussed texts in a week in the traditional Sunday digest. 1. “Work-life balance is definitely not about “Yandex”” — column senior developer at Atlassian and ex-employee of “Yandex” Dmitry Sorin on experience in one of the largest Russian it-Corporation Yandex.

2. Life in Sydney — the story of the former translator Maria Kondratenko, who is married to Aussie and went to live in Australia. The author talked about housing prices, rare large concerts, expensive kindergartens, illegal cats and paid medicine. 3. As the market develops educational technologies around the world — column investment analyst FRÍA Maxim Kalyuzhny about what prospects are waiting for the sector of educational technologies, is it profitable to invest in it and what is happening in this sphere in Russia. 4. Roskomnadzor called sites that may fall under the law on news aggregators.

5. How it will look in the transport system Hyperloop — a description of the road Hyperloop concept One in Dubai. 6. As a developer from Romania has created a service for web designers for a monthly profit of $17 thousand — translation notes Romanian developer Alexandru Paduraru.

As the three “white collar” launched the first Kazakhstan startup in the field of electronic document — an interview with co-founder and Director of the first Kazakh platform of electronic document flow between companies iDocs. 8. Old Russian collection of wealthy Russian businessmen of the nineteenth century.

Copyright holders have demanded that Google remove from search results over 51 million links to pages of little-known website and its “mirror”. 10. “Money changed me for the worst” — the translation of the notes of the former owner service catering Valet Gourmet Kenan Hopkins about how it has changed his Outlook on life and business after the sale of the company.

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