Best For The Week

The continuation of the conflict between Oleg Tinkov and bloggers “Nimage”, the story of the work in consulting the opinions of designers about new Apple products.

The new owner of the Telegram-channel “Ex” project is sold for 5.5 million rubles in two weeks after purchase. First to the co-author of the movie “Nemaye” about Oleg tinkove Alex Pskovites came with a search warrant in the case of defamation, and later Oleg Tinkov suggested “Nemaye” to apologize and called for “back it up”.

Sberbank responded to reports of mass transfer debit card in overdraft mode. Cryptocurrency exchange BTC-E launched under a new name — WEX.

This week, the presentation Apple. The company introduced the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well as iPhone X with face recognition.

MegaFon updated its slogan and corporate identity advertising campaigns.

The exchange rate of bitcoin fell to $800 for a half day on the background of the closure of two Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges.

Media holding “Gazprom-media” has updated the logo and corporate style. Users of the service “Vkarmane” lost some data after upgrading with mandatory registration through the “Tinkoff Bank”.

Service for project management Trello has launched a desktop application. A member of one of consulting companies of the “big three” anonymously told about his work.

About seven-figure salaries, Stojanovi working week, and a close-knit team. Collected the opinions of Russian designers and developers about iPhone X, iPhone 8 and other announcements Apple presentation.

“I came to the States with one goal — to run your startup” — the story of the founder Andrey Zagoruyko on moving to the United States and the related difficulties.

The best country to live in rating of Henley & Partners. Consulting Agency considered the value of citizenship 195 countries in the world. Russia is in the middle of the list in the same group with China, Turkey, Peru and Mexico.

“I have lived in the States for 4 months without her mothers care, grandmas pies and dads money” — short story reader on the first trip to America.

Found that Apple showed at the last presentation. IPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. Marketing Director of the service “Salathai” told what qualities a marketer can ruin the company.

Found in representatives of the Russian operators that prevents the Apple Watch with cellular connectivity to appear in Russia.

“People still spend millions of rubles on Internet projects, sites and shops” — the participants of the it industry explained why the designers of the sites will not replace the traditional web development. The author of the Telegram-channel Travelhacks Danis of Sahabutdinov advised travellers on how to choose a route, buy tickets, get discounts and not get into a dangerous situation.

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Best For The Week

Pavel Durov vs Oleg Tinkov and the FBI manual on sabotage from the CIA and lives in Kenya. Pavel Durov has supported the authors of the roller with derision Oleg Tinkov and “Tinkoff Bank”.

“VKontakte” announced the redesign of mobile apps. The state Corporation “rostec” put in schools of Sverdlovsk region American enTourage eDGe tablets, issuing them for Russian development. Later, the Corporation called this slander text

Pavel Durov told about the FBI attempts to bribe one of the developers of Telegram. Sberbank offered to small businesses free of charge opening and maintaining the account.

Roskomnadzor will block the roller Nemagia about “Tinkoff Bank” according to the complaint of Oleg Tinkov.

Elon Musk warned about the danger of the development of AI after Putins statements about its global significance. Facebook demanded from a “Golden crown” to give domain

The company “Maximalism”, which provides a Wi-Fi network in the Moscow metro and St. Petersburg in August 2017, has raised the price of the service is “at home”. Creator Mozilla has accused Google of obstructing the work of Opera and Vivaldi.

“New employees let us incomplete or contradictory instructions” — excerpts from manuals on sabotage, written by the CIA in 1944.

Why I stopped using multiple screens — tips for distribution of screen space and the organization of the workplace from the developer Cory house. The lawyers of the conflict between “Tinkoff Bank” and bloggers Nemagia — views on the process for the protection of the business reputation of Oleg Tinkov.

History Stripe. Two brothers from Ireland turned seven lines of code in the startup to $9 billion.

The highest paying it jobs in the cities of Russia at the beginning of September — a selection from a HeadHunter. “In Africa it is normal to appoint a meeting at six in the morning” — the story of the Russians about life in Kenya.

“Even without access to social networks the idea of them not letting go” is a story about a camp near Kazan on the territory of which is prohibited smartphones and watches. “Chubais on the hype, bro Dobrodeyev”.

Hosforum for students has released a rap clip with Malikov and Khovansky. The Story Is The Windshield. Izhevsk developers came up with a navigation device for vehicles and moved to California.

What will change with the introduction of a new ranking algorithm of Yandex — column managing partner of digital Agency Media Snow Anastasia Voynalovich.

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Best For The Week

“The addict” inside the machine “Yandex.Taxi” reorganization “Open” and the first app with augmented reality on the basis of ARKit. Stand-up comedian Arthur Chaparyan sold ironic Telegram-channel “Ex” for 1.2 million rubles.

“Yandex.Taxi” disabled taxis “green-taxi” from the system after photos of alleged drug addict in the car.

“Tinkoff Bank” was opened in the free school development and analysts of Tinkoff Fintech. Classes will start on September 18. FSB detained three residents of the Kostroma region for bitcoin transactions at 500 million roubles.

The Central Bank announced the reorganization of the Bank “Opening” and introduced a temporary administration. Collected expert opinions about the decision and about the situation in which the financial company.

A YouTube video introduced a new design and logo. The Ministry of Finance acted to ban the sale of bitcoins to individuals.

The Agency proposes to allow them to turnover on the Moscow exchange between qualified investors. “Kommersant”. The Central Bank has suggested the head of “VTB 24” to become a crisis Manager in the “Discovery”.

The controversial manufacturer of juicers Juicero, which sold its device at $400, has announced the closing of a business.

“Sberbank Online” has dropped out of the top 3 best mobile applications of banks on the version of Markswebb Rank & Report in 2017. “That Im working on the Apple Watch, did not even know the man” — the story from Kiev about moving to USA, working in the Apple, the reasons go to Google and combining motherhood with intense work.

“There is an urgent task that cannot wait another hour and a half” — project Manager at Qlean about their experiences combining work, intensive sport, reading and relaxing with family. “Boots in Germany would rather wipe than get dirty” — the story of the Manager of service support Siemens about life in the German Nuremberg.

Happiness in the mountains. A Russian woman about moving from Tomsk to Bar, Montenegrin town on the Adriatic coast.

The story of the destruction SoundCloud. Explorer BuzzFeed News Ryan Mack about why beloved by many autoplatforms never became popular.

In what Bank to issue salary card — advice from a leading expert on banking products Life in the oil capital of Canada. Entrepreneur Farkhod Fayzullaev about the experience of moving from Poprad to calgary for the education of children and medicine.

The idea for a business. Hut Muji — minimalist house with an area of 9 square meters.

Giphy World, IKEA Place, The Walking Dead. Editor looked at the first app with augmented reality for ARKit, which showed Apple.

“Were fighting for every minute of life, so to hell with sentimentality”. Entrepreneur of the definition of “cost” of personal and work time and analysis costs.

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Best For The Week

The claim of “Tinkoff Bank” to bloggers Nemagia, learning about the different professions that are doomed to extinction, and the story of life in Singapore.

“Tinkoff Bank” has sued bloggers Nemagia because of the “mudslinging” of Oleg Tinkov. “Tinkoff Bank” was officially launched an ATM network.

North Korea has opened in Russia the first official travel Agency. “Yandex” has launched the search algorithm of “Queens” with the selection of answers on the meaning of the query.

Elon Musk revealed the first photo of the SpaceX suit.

Public Trello boards were available in Google search. The US has stopped issuing nonimmigrant visas to Russians and brought the interview to Moscow.

The Russian company was unable to withdraw funds from cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex after the introduction of rules about sanctions.

Yota reported problems with the Internet in several regions of Russia. Google has released a new version of Android called Oreo.

Director of marketing services of “Yandex” Andrei Sebrant gave a lecture, telling about the industries that are destined to be forgotten in the near future.

Moscow advertising specialist shared his impressions about living and working in Singapore. He was surprised the local dialect, Singaporeans love food, and high real estate prices.

Dealt with the conflict between the General Director of the Novosibirsk it companies Xored and dismissed employees. Entrepreneur Anna Morozova spoke about his experience of business immigration in Finland.

According to her, the rental rate in the city of Kajaani was lower than in Kaliningrad. Marketing specialist Natalia Babaeva has proposed a simple and intuitive description of the Agile methodology “for grandpa”, comparing the product with the construction of the house.

Prepared analysis of the situation surrounding the U.S. decision to suspend visas to Russians. Find out what has changed and who will be affected innovation.

Collected information on new features that will appear in the mobile operating system Android Oreo.

The story of minimalist phone Light Phone — its about the size of a credit card and can only call.

Translator Marina Borisova shared his opinion about the life in Montreal.

Prepared a review of the service Surkus. With its help, the owners can collect the money turn in front of the doors to create the appearance of popularity.

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Best For The Week

Conflict Tinkov and “Alfa-Bank”, opinions about life in a country house, stories about moving to the USA, Netherlands and Malaysia. Oleg Tinkov publicly accused of “Alfa-Bank” in the attack on the competitors, mentioning a report “Alfa capital” on the problems of the Bank “Opening” and the video from the bloggers who criticize the Tinkov.

“Sberbank” has tested the trust of employees by letter about the launch of corporate airlines.

Acne Buterin among the ten most influential young people, according to Fortune. The mobile operator “Tinkoff Bank” opened reception of applications for connection.

The operator Wi-Fi of the Moscow metro banned the bypass is at the entrance to the network.

Analysts “alpha capital” has declared about the possible problems of “Binbank”, “Open”, “Promsvyazbank” and the ICD. Life will cease broadcasting on 19 August.

Creator of Android Andy Rubin has opened pre-orders on your smart phone Essential for $699. The FAS said that only one operator “the big four” ready to cancel roaming in Russia.

Former top-Manager of “Yandex” has taken the new position of Vice President Mail.Ru Group on electronic Commerce.

Moved to the USA Russian developer Anton Popov told about the American mentality and the gap between the hub of the it industry and the rest of the country. PR expert Mary Drokova accused of embezzling other peoples merits — clients, competitors and itself Drokova by discussing her achievements.

Readers discussed how to invest a million rubles. Collected the opinions of entrepreneurs from all over Russia about where to live.

The apartment or country house. An annual study by PricewaterhouseCoopers on the cost of owning a car in Russia.

Russian developer Andrey Marichev talked about moving from Nizhny Novgorod and life in the Netherlands with his family. Interview with the President “Euroset” Alexander Malis — about why buyers continue to visit the showrooms.

Industry experts spoke about the prospects of bitcoin and its analogues for private and international use.

First reviews of Essential mobile Phone from the Creator of Android Andy Rubin. A story about life in Kuala Lumpur — about the complexities, food, people, medicine, transport and money.

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Best For The Week

Discussion of data from FSB Internet services, “loafers” of Silicon Valley and the joint-stock conflict in “Dodo pizza”. “Technosila” worked in Russia since 1993, announced a farewell sale.

Soon the company will be closed, and all its shops will go under a brand “Eldorado”. The Ministry of communications has prepared a list of data about users that Internet services would have to pass on the FSB. The document is available for public comment until 6 September 2017.

YouTube showed the Russian advertising of drugs in the Tor network. Google did not explain how this ad could get to the video service, and advised users to complain about the video.

Sberbank will invest 30 billion rubles in “Yandex.Market” — the company will create a joint venture, which is estimated at 60 billion rubles. Experts believe that in the future the Market will be able to compete with AliExpress and Amazon.

Google has fired the author of the Manifesto on the differences between men and women at work. The head of Google, Sundar Pichai told the employees that the document was contrary to the code of conduct and promoted harmful stereotypes in the company. Unknown is already supported by the former employee, stating that Google now is similar to the “Goolag”.

Forbes included “Magnet” and “Norilsk Nickel” in the list of most innovative companies in the world (Royal albert Habibrahmanov). The rating is made together with the consulting Agency Innovators DNA, which evaluates the difference between capitalization and cash flow from existing business.

Adidas announced plans to close another 50 Russian stores by the end of 2017. The revenue of the local unit of the company continues to fall, and Adidas does not count on the imminent market recovery. Store owners LavkaLavka was summoned to the Prosecutors office for accepting bitcoins.

They explained that they do not violate the laws, and received permission to work on. “Tinkoff Bank” reported problems in the online banking and app. This is the second failure of the services of the company, which appear in the middle of the day.

The price of bitcoin exceeded $3500. At this point a cryptocurrency not long delayed and on the weekend crossed the figure of $4000.

“Them little more than thirty, but in the year they earn seven-figure sum” — the story of the “bums” of Silicon valley who barely work and get huge salaries in anticipation of the opportunity to sell their options. Elon Musk has debunked the story two years ago about the dismissal worked for 12 years assistant entrepreneur — according to rumors, she asked for a raise, but the Mask for two weeks, took on her duties and then said that he does not need the employee.

The joint-stock conflict in “Dodo pizza”. Former employee Andrew Mamon complained of the chains founder Fyodor Ovchinnikov, which prevented him to sell the companys shares. In the end, Ovchinnikov admitted that he was wrong and promised to change the system of remuneration.

How to translate movies, games and TV shows. Interview with the owner of the company “Rufilms” Aleksey Koulaeva about the mistakes in “Game of thrones”,how to prepare a localization of content, how much it costs, and what common mistakes do authors.

Developer free electronic diary for pupils of Moscow Levan T. said that his project is trying to close the Moscow authorities. The mayors office explain their actions to safety of students.

Founder of the service delivery of premium animal feed “Feed the beast” told why he had to freeze the project. Biography “Brazilian buffet” — Jorge Paulo Lehmann, who owns Heinz, Burger King and Budweiser.

Reader Ruba Nemeh told about moving to the city of Porto and the life on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. How to receive social tax deduction for education, says the master of law of the HSE and Junior associate of the tax practice Taxadvisor Arthur Zulkarnaev.

One of the earliest investors of Google and Facebook Roger Maknami told how he regretted his actions. According to him, based on advertising business model of these companies is detrimental to society, as the uncontrolled services collect data about users, give them “suitable” for consumption of the content and wean to think critically.

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Best For The Week

The division of bitcoin, the rejection of a personal vehicle in favor of the taxi and the study of the Russian audience, Instagram. The network of bitcoin was divided into two cryptocurrencies.

The capitalization of the new Bitcoin Cash exceeded $10 billion in less than a day after creation. Explained why it took the division and that will change with the advent of Bitcoin Cash.

Roskomnadzor said that collecting public information from profiles “Vkontakte” violating the law on personal data. Find out what it can threaten the business. Wine shop of the founder of “Euroset” Evgeny Chichvarkin in London Hedonism Wines in 2016 first appeared on the profit.

“Alfa-Bank” has decided to reform the division “the alpha lab”, which was engaged in creation of digital projects — for example, “Alfa-click” and “Alfa-mobile” and others.

In the Bank “Discovery” has failed in the job card. Representatives of the group explained a problem with the processing fails. “Tinkoff Bank” has offered 300 thousand rubles for the creation of a YouTube program about money.

Customers Tesla with a mid-2016 63 canceled thousands of pre-orders for “budget” cars Model 3, said CEO Elon Musk.

“Yandex” will be to pay bonuses in the amount of 100 thousand rubles to those who recommend good professionals for the position of designer. The company is looking for approximately 20 professionals. Bank “Opening” in the second half of 2017 will launch a virtual operator (MVNO) for its customers.

The court found guilty of fraud have overestimated the price of drugs entrepreneur Martin Shkreli. He is accused of securities fraud.

A year without a car. Development Director at Agency Rush Agency Vladimir Butov has calculated the savings from switching from a personal car for a taxi.

Former product Manager of “Yandex” Buldakova Anna spoke about why she decided to leave Berlin a year later after moving — in spite of all the advantages of life in the city. “Why dont I believe Uber”. Analysis of the economy of revenue drivers from the head of outsource development company for it products FutureComes Alexander Rzhevsky.

The study. Portrait of the most active users of Telegram in Russia, based on a database of more than 20 thousand users.

Investor Nikolai Davydov in the footsteps of the discussion is “out of control” bots Facebook said about why the capture of the world artificial intelligence in the near future should not wait. His colleague Dmitry Volkov wrote a column about how such capture will surely soon to happen.

Will it be possible to return the funds from the stock exchange BTC-E will recover it her work and what has caused the seizure of the servers that collected the opinions of Russian experts. To build a business on charging smartphones.

The story of the businessman of Saint Petersburg, which develops a network of machines for charging mobile devices Safe Charge. The highest paying it jobs in the cities of Russia at the beginning of August — a selection from a HeadHunter.

Mayer Rothschild and his sons — history of the Foundation of one of the largest banking dynasties. “House for all and for nobody”.

Reader Elena Kukhar shared her experience of moving to the capital of Colombia, Bogota.

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Best For The Week

New Yota tariff policy, the pros and cons of the law on self-employed, moving to Stockholm and other popular materials. “Dodo pizza” pasted its symbols machine is Dominos Pizza.

Subscribers of “MegaFon” has complained to insert banner ads from the operator on top of the sites. A representative of the operator said that the company is testing a new format in the North-West region.

Mobile virtual operator Yota has allowed subscribers to create their own tariff plans. “The messenger” and re:Store launched in Russia receive old iPhone in exchange for a discount on a new.

The bitcoin exchange BTC-E was unavailable. Later it became known that the Greek police detained Russians Alexander winnick. U.S. authorities have called him the owner of BTC-E and accused of laundering $4 billion through bitcoins.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world. But he held on in the first place day.

Google has disabled the feature “live search” Google Instant, which showed the answers during entry of the query.

Yota will provide the parent a “Megaphone” intra-group loan in the amount of 6.2 billion roubles. The American Commission on securities and exchange (SEC) equated released on ICO tokens to securities.

The Department explained that such action is necessary to protect investors and monitor their actions. Tesla revealed the complete specifications of Model 3 and gave the first 30 cars to customers.

Russias Natalia Stolyarova spoke about his move to Stockholm. She was faced with the bureaucracy in banks, difficulties in finding housing and high taxes. One of the advantages is a healthy food, high wages and a good environment.

14 July 2017, the state Duma adopted in the third reading the bill releasing certain self-employed from sole proprietorship. Found out what will change for the Tutors and nannies, as well as the pros and cons of the new law.

Most online stores after the entry into force of the law on electronic checks and pikselnyh drives decided to turn off on online payment. Development Director of the developer company online cash Grotem Maxim Apelcin told the insolvency of such decision and how to correct the error. System Quid predicted 50 promising startups from around the world.

Among them are companies working in the field of virtual reality, image recognition and artificial intelligence. The head of Agency of a direction of “Yandex” Catherine Askerova told about the specifics of the advertising market.

With the difficulties of life in tel Aviv faced Russian Alina Fuchs — dear life, sandstorms and closed on Shabbat shops.

The head of service for removal of unnecessary things “Dump” Alexey Barinsky told of how they manage to combine business and charity. For the first year activities of the project, launched in September 2015, revenues amounted to 24 million rubles. Of them the command “Dump” gave to charity the million. In the future Barinsky sees the project as a platform for supporters of reasonable consumption.

Talked with the founders of the publishing house Look At Media and platforms for content management Setka Alexei Letovym, Catherine Bazilevskaya and Novel by Khudonogova about overseas expansion and future projects. Setka included in the program of the new York accelerator Friends of eBay.

Now this product has been used by such media and the company as a “Paper”, “Poster”, “Sberbank”, Bookmate, Condé Nast and Burda. 13 July 2017 manufacturer of premium phones Vertu announced the closure of the business. Remembered the story of the brand and its best model.

14 July 2017 in space was launched the first Russian crowdfunding Sputnik “Mayak”. Its creators promised that the device will be “the brightest star” in the sky, but judging by the comments of those who donated funds, it is not so.

However, the projects that supported the “lighthouse”, I believe that its brightness is not the main part of the run, and experts space is called the initiative a success.

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Best For The Week

Transaction “Yandex” and Uber, the life of the Chinese miners, the situation around the Ukrainian social networks Nimses and other popular materials.

Gallery. How does a Chinese farm for bitcoin mining. Enterprising Chinese have created a farm for those who want to earn money by mining cryptocurrency, but do not know how to do it.

Studied the situation around the project Nimses — Ukrainian social network where all actions need to pay internal currency, called “NIMA”. She “earned” depending on the time spent in the app.

Until the end of June 2017, the authors have promised to open the store, where a “garons” you can buy the real thing, but it never opened. Also some users complained about the lock in service. For example after trying to exchange “NIMA” for a Cup of coffee.

The story of the founder of the company Valery Petrov on how he moved from Minsk to Pittsburgh and opened his own business. At first he worked at a gas station and then saw a niche and began to send people from Eastern European goods they could not buy themselves.

Opinions Fasten, FixTaxi, taxi “Maxim” and other market players about the merger “Yandex.Taxi sector” in Russia. The story of the former developers Soundcloud about how he got the job in the company, and a week later came under massive reduction. He was in a foreign country with almost no money, but was able to get about 60 proposals for new work.

Story reader Evgeniya Smirnova about the experience of moving to Turkey and living in Antalya.

10 July 2017, the Central Bank introduced a temporary administration in the Bank “Ugra”. Member of the Board of Directors of the company “My business” Oleg Anisimov told why it was inevitable, and how to protect themselves from such falls banks in the future.

Talked to an investment Manager of the Fund Runa Capital, who opened his “farm” and helps those who wish to capitalize on the mining of cryptocurrencies. Founder of a CPA network Admitad Alexander Bachmann wrote a column about what to do advertisers and webmasters with the mass proliferation of ad blockers.

Pessimistic text from the editor Vox, Timothy Lee, who believes that the Golden age of Silicon valley was, and young tech companies either do not grow or sell your business.

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Best For The Week

Check drones, moving to Italy, business around ICO and other popular materials. Pornhub has introduced a mandatory authorization via Vkontakte for Russian users.

Users remained dissatisfied. “Yandex” has revealed details on their service work “Zen” in the first month of existence. According to the company, the owners of popular channels earned on average for 40 thousand rubles.

Startup is the Creator of Android Andy Rubin Essntial was unable to market its first smartphone during a company wanted to bring the customers back in June. The reasons for the delay are unknown, but can be associated with the revision of the device.

In Russia on 5 July 2017 entered into force mandatory registration of drones heavier than 250 grams. In fact, however, this rule does not work — you need to register imposed by government rules, and yet they are only discussed in the Ministry of transport.

Russian partner of Xiaomi was allowed to import purchased on AliExpress smartphones after a few months of the ban. However, the permit is valid only on custom-made orders, wholesale shipments, it does not apply. Convicted of fraud Ural trader decided to hold a lecture on the blockchain a month after his release from prison.

The creators of the Prisma has released an app for creating selfie stickers from Sticky AI. With it mezhnaya the background of their photos, add labels and send the resulting stickers in different messengers.

“Roundabout” tested voice robots for the recruitment of employees. Applicants already called robot Faith that in the near future the company wants to try a version with a male voice by the name Ermil.

Film company-the Creator of the “Defenders” ready to declare bankruptcy because of a dispute with FTS, the Agency has blocked the account of the Studio that she was unable to pay with partners. In addition, it sued the film Foundation, which decided to return issued on the “Defenders” of 51 million rubles. MTS has offered customers the option with unlimited traffic on social networks, massagery and Twitch for 4 rubles per day.

Similar sentences with free access to certain services are provided by “MegaFon”. “As soon as I started to live by the calendar, I began to hate” — tips on the work schedule from Manager Director of service for sales automation “Introvert” Victor Dovzhikov.

“Too good to be needed by someone” as experienced in the past high-ranking employees to find work. The traditional list of the highest paying it jobs in the cities of Russia.

“To obtain a startup-visa to Italy — the easiest, then the difficulties begin” — the story of the founder of the service Tagir Sharipov about moving the state program of development of the innovations.

“It is unclear why in Russia nobody is engaged in its own production” — the story of a St. Petersburg businessman Andrei Aladinsky, who opened a company to manufacture the computer cable and accessories GreenConnect and competes with Chinese suppliers. Business on the ICO works as a consulting Agency, which attracts investment in cryptocurrency projects.

A selection of photos and videos of the evacuation of one of the buildings of the headquarters of “Yandex” — it was a fire, which quickly extinguished. “To compete with ready-made website builders are becoming more difficult” —the opinion of the co-founder of the SaaS platform Really Simple Store drew Thomas about the main threats to the appearance of quality tools in the market of web development.

The traditional collection of jobs — from Gett, Tribuna Digital,, AliExpress and 16 companies.

Military technology, the conflict with Apple and Fitbit with the court — chronicle of the emergence, development and the gradual decay of the Jawbone company that was once valued at $3.3 billion.

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Best For The Week

Attack of a new virus-the extortioner, the secrets of struggle with procrastination, life in China and the Netherlands. “Technosila” informed the partners about the inability to pay for the goods and the closure of shops.

Later, the owner of “Technosila”, said that the company sent out to partners such letters. Now the retailer negotiates with suppliers and intends to find solutions that both parties “were satisfied with the result.”. In the continuation of the conflict between Roskomnadzor and Telegram Pavel Durov has criticized the head of Department Alexander Zharov in the “ignorance of the rules of encryption” and reminded about the Constitution.

In response Zharov said that the requirements for messenger not involve access to the correspondence users. Then Durov has published on his page in “Vkontakte”, the data Telegram for the register of Roskomnadzor, the Agency has agreed to make this information in the registry. Learned that may be required by the authorities from the leadership of the messenger.

“Tinkoff Bank” has launched a service for search and purchase of apartments in new buildings — the “TCS property”. The service is free and available to everyone regardless of which Bank they use.

The course of Ethereum cryptocurrency fell amid false reports of the death of the Creator of the cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin and other news. Analysts say one reason for the adjustment of the market. In the test version of the app Telegram for Android on June 27 the function of the rapid spread of settings for a proxy server which you can use to bypass the lock service.

On June 30, the function appeared in the stable versions of the apps for Android and iOS. The FSB said that the terrorists used Telegram before the attack in Saint-Petersburg in April 2017.

June 27, hackers attacked Ukrainian banks and energy companies similar to WannaCry virus. Later on attacks on its network, said Rosneft. Company Group-IB told how to defend against ransomware. Just attack affected more than hundreds of companies around the world.

Xiaomi unveiled in Russia flagship smartphone, the Mi 6. Sales will begin on 4 July 2017.

The head of Sberbank German Gref has warned Russians against “games” with the cryptocurrency and warned about the high risks of their use. On the evening of 30 June, Twitter users complained about repeated cancellation of funds “Sberbank” for the previously paid purchase.

Service support of the Bank confirmed the existence of problems and promised to return the money. The ironic story of an entrepreneur from Silicon valley about one day fully effective human being.

Gathered more statements on the case of blocking the Telegram. How to circumvent the ban on the use of the messenger, to find an alternative for teamwork and what to do media in such a situation.

Why procrastinators procrastinated. Translation of three stories from the block Wait but Why, Tim urban. Head of Internet projects Fakhreddin Mirzoev told about how to distinguish standing blockchain projects from fraud and lose their money.

Life in the Netherlands — the experience of the founder of the game Studio, tinyBuild Alex Nichiporchik. Inside. The story of the taxation system, the standard of living in the country and the peculiarities of the mentality of the Dutch.

“Then love, then hate, and then just start to live here”. Businessman Yegor Pereverzev about the life in Shanghai, China.

The time of the first. Co-founder Cubios Ilya Osipov wrote a column about whether or not to undertake projects in new markets — for example, the blockchain.

“Over the years we have grown from a company worth $6.5 billion in bankrupt”. Why bankrupt the Indian platform for online shopping, Snapdeal. Why do we ignore the sent texts about women in the it industry.

Deputy editor the loss of objectivity in the topics of sexism and inequality in the industry. Spinner of the sausage, eco-friendly spinner and spinner fan. How Russian brands are using the trend on spinners in SMM.

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Best For The Week

Users complaints on “Rostelecom”, the discussion of culture and the head of Roskomnadzor, recommendations for mining cryptocurrency.

Subscribers of “Rostelecom” complained the hidden connection of paid services — for example, “Night acceleration”. Representatives of the operators claim, which included new services in the framework of the promotion, and all users had allegedly been warned. Address by mistake for a while was in the list of banned in Russia sites for FTS.

The head of Roskomnadzor promised to personally get information about Durov Telegram, and then threatened emergency lock messenger. Pavel Durov responded to threats to Department — so the official and the businessman struck up a correspondence skirmish, which is still ongoing.

Russian movie Nike “about the girls” got “gold” at the festival “Cannes lions”. In creating the campaign was attended by Agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam copywriter and Russian Evgeny Primachenko.

The company Timati Black Star will launch together with the “Atlas” Eugene Gordeev cashback-service and its own virtual operator. Fashion house Podium Market announced the closure of its stores because of debts to suppliers.

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on prohibition of bypass locks by using a VPN connection. The creators FixTaxi has launched an app with one button “Hello, dispatch?” to elderly passengers who may be intimidated by the interfaces of popular services.

“Rostelecom” in Yaroslavl gathered speed limit on unlimited tariffs home Internet — but only for those who regularly exceeds the traffic limit 1 TB or illegally resells the Internet to others.

The sellers of computer technics knitted shortage of cards with the growth of interest of Russians to the cryptocurrency. On the wave of soaring demand on the graphics card decided to tell you what a bitcoin is now worth?, how much can you earn on its production and what you need to do.

Death of a startup. Collection of 10 technology projects that closed in 2017.

Dialogue Durov with re. We gathered in one material all replicas of the founder of the Telegram and the head of Roskomnadzor. How do scammers in the App Store to keep users around your finger with the help of fake apps and earn them tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Impressions of a student from internship in Tesla — how to get into the company, what tasks I instruct beginners and what is the corporate culture.

Seven Swedish exhibits of the “Museum of failures”, which are designed to show that companies need to stop pretending like they dont make mistakes. A guide to working with “Yandex.Zen” for publishers — and a little reflection about whether the service will be of some use.

A prediction about the changes in the economy, politics and the social sphere with the advent of unmanned vehicles in 2020-2030. How to grow out of the stupid Intern, intelligent partner, several applied recommendations.

“When if not now?”. 10 questions from entrepreneur Sean Kim, who can help to cope with problems.

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Best For The Week

Problems Uber, the success of “Dodo pizza” in USA and “flying” taxi from Airbus. Editor attended a conference for developers and shares his impressions from the iOS and iPad 11 Pro, and thinks, where is the Apple.

Team of service for personal Finance CoinKepeer prepared a special table, which can be used to calculate the amount of savings needed for a comfortable life in retirement.

Infographic that illustrates the difference between the revenue and the profit of the companies from Forbes list. Apple, Walmart, Facebook, Coca-Cola and other.

Photo gallery. The updated interior of the house is the co-founder of the service for the delivery of razor blades with Dollar Shave Club Michael Dubin, who sold a startup company to Unilever for $1 billion.

The profit is, but not the same. The head of the American division “Dodo Pizza” Alain tihova told about the results of the first year of operation in the US market.

Google has launched a designer to create websites for small business. It can be used to create a one-page business card website with information about the company.

The founder of blockchain projects MasterCash and Soundchain Artem Abaev explains how the blockchain works, in which industries it can be applied and what prevents its development in Russia.

American Telecom operator Verizon has closed a deal to acquire Yahoo for $4,48 billion. Material about the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, who earned $900 a week, despite poor governance.

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has shown how to work his drone flying taxi. The company argued that the transport will be able to travel about 50 miles (about 80.5 km) in 18 minutes.

Member of the Board of Directors of Uber, during the discussion of the problem of discrimination in the company joked that more women in the Board would lead to more conversations. After that, he resigned. Sexism and discrimination — one of the main challenges Uber which led the company to crisis.

From the beginning of 2017 left key top managers responsible for the management and development of. Co-founder and head of Uber Travis Kalanick went on vacation indefinitely.

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Best For The Week

Testing VK Mobile, automatic wrapping of “likes” and the most beautiful apps according to Apple.

Cristiano Ronaldo cut the logo of Adidas with teenage pictures for commercial Nike. The footballer posted a photo on his Twitter in honor of the victory club “real Madrid” in the Champions League final. #JustDoIt

Reddit users suggested the most absurd interface options to customize the sound. Among them is the random selection of values and mechanics of the game Angry Birds. Testing of the new operator VK Mobile.

How to use and how much it costs. Apple named the most beautiful iOS apps of 2017.

Among them were five games tool for coloring illustrations, collection of recipes, task Manager and other. The owner of the machine cheat “likes” were associated with a holding Like Ayaz Shubutdinov.

The company intends to install such devices in Germany, Poland and the United States. The material under the heading “Ideas for business”. Nimses — the social network for photo sharing with paying for any action.

Deputies in the Duma introduced a bill on prohibition of bypass locks by using a VPN and anonymizers. For failure to comply with the requirements of Roskomnadzor proposed to block these services. Said, what other requirements are contained in the document.

Specialist in the field of Data Science Dmitry Solodkiy explain what ICO is, why it is conducted and how to make it.

GIF collection. Boston Dynamics robots demonstrate their capabilities and suffer abuse from people.

Learn from the experts whether the accident “savings” from the vulnerability of the system of locks of Roskomnadzor. Opinions expressed by the staff of “Yandex”, RAEC, “Roskomsnab” and other organizations.

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Best For The Week

The new smartphone from the Creator of Android, an interview with Arkady Volozh, the closure of the Ukrainian office of “Vkontakte” and “Yandex”. “Alfa-Bank” and “Beeline” used the Billboard “Tinkoff Bank” for advertising in social networks.

Later they were joined by company Lenovo. Creator of Android Andy Rubin unveiled its first smartphone rival Googles Home — and later appeared and photographs of the device.

Sixty-year-old author of viral advertising English pub in the form of SMS correspondence, has made a new poster wrote it with a pen.

The main statements from the interview of the co-founder of Yandex Arkady Volozh “Vedomosti” — about the conflict with Google, the development of “Yandex.Market” and “Yandex.Taxi”, foreign expansion and the futility of popular projects based on neural networks. The Danish startup has taught a neural network to impose the interfaces of websites and applications in layout — accuracy of generation supposedly is 77%.

A selection of 13 apps that will help you keep your concentration and health. Airbnb employees complained about the aggressive management style of their superiors and “poisonous” work environment — however, the scandal is not yet cited.

Material from the section “Interfaces”. 10 reasons to abandon the Sketch and go to Figma.

Yesterday “Vkontakte” announced the date of the beginning of the public testing of a virtual operator VK Mobile — June 5. According to sources, Facebook has decided to close its office in Kiev.

About closing their offices in Ukraine officially announced and “Yandex”.

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Best For The Week

Instructions for payment with Android Pay, return the remote IBM employees in the office and the briefcase is about a three-fold increase in SEO traffic company Logaster. Manual.

How to connect and pay with your phone using Android Pay. On may 23 Russia earned payment system from Google, which has existed since 2015. In Russia, which became the 11 region where the supported Android Pay to use the system customers 13 banks, including the “Alfa-Bank”, “Opening” and “Tinkoff Bank”.

IBM has required remote workers to return to offices or to quit. Previously, the company was one of the first who encouraged employees to work outside of the office.

The current changes will affect the unit for the creation of the Watson developers, designers and marketers IBM. Head of SEO-company Apollon Guru Oleg Scrip told how his team was able to increase SEO traffic client on the US market three times.

“Sberbank” has introduced the application for stock trading on the exchange. In the application “Sberbank investor” can buy and sell shares, as well as to evaluate your portfolio.

The world media attributed the creation of the popular toys of the spinner to another person — Katherine Hettinger. The cause of the error was the article on Wikipedia. In April 2017, someone from the friends Hettinger decided to make a joke and pointed out its inventor anti-stress device.

9 mistakes novice managers.

Column head online schools “Im the boss” Maria Tsurkan about what rake, almost all workers when they have subordinates. Collection of 57 books for self-development from the Director and co-founder of “Studio Borovoy” Vitaly Denisenkova.

Introduction to business, time management, psychology and more. Chose the main from the speech of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University.

Until 2004 he studied at Harvard in the psychology Department, but never graduated. At the discretion of the educational institution, the head of Facebook has received an honorary doctorate in law.

“Yandex.Browser” for Android was automatically bypass the blocking of “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” in Ukraine. Blocking Russian services were introduced by the authorities of the country in mid-may of 2017.

Understood new the initiative of Russian parliamentarians on the identification of the messengers. If the bill is approved, all users will be obliged to verify the identity of the mobile phone number. In that case, if the messenger does not provide this capability, it will be blocked.

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Best For The Week

Voice assistant from the “Yandex”, the new office Apple earnings Moscow and it professionals. MegaFon reported mass failures in the network and was advised to call through instant messenger.

Subscribers across Russia have complained of problems in the network of “MegaFon”. Suffered from failures and subscribers Yota running on the same network. What is dead may never die. Https://

“Yandex” has launched a test voice assistant “Alice”. He knows how to talk about the weather, get directions, and supporting institutions to seek information on the Internet and quote!!

A list of the most wealthy entrepreneurs and business owners each of the ages. Born between 1917 and 1996, the richest people on the planet.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree expanding the list of Russian companies against which the sanctions. Got Yandex and the social network “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”.

Learned how a ban on Russian social networks and services will affect Ukrainian business. Imagined how would look the Hyperloop route map in Russia and how much time it would take to travel between major cities.

Moving to Miami — the story of the founder of the Agency content marketing on foreign websites Smile Bright Media Alexander Lashkov about moving to USA, getting a visa and settling in a new place. The study.

How to earn it professionals in Moscow. The market wage ranges and the maximum of fixed remuneration in April. 15 employees of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California told the Guardian newspaper about the conditions of their work, and resulting from work injuries.

5 Russian students, which was invited to the Apple WWDC 2017, told about the contest and personal projects and his future plans.

New home Apple — an inside look. Review material on the trail of the tour in the new head office of the company from the Wired journalist Steven levy.

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Best For The Week

Attack WannaCry, “false” Android Pay and more than $100 million investment in the startup. A selection of publications of brands in honor of Victory Day.

Archives of letters and photographs, flights with names of those who fought, as well as images of cities-heroes of the cosmos from the “Vkontakte”, “Yandex”, S7 and other companies. The news about the sudden release of updates for Windows XP and other legacy systems that Microsoft has created to protect computers from virus WannaCry. The virus itself for the day may 12, managed to infect computers in more than 70 countries.

Photo gallery of examples of garments and accessories created from blue bags, which are sold in IKEA stores. So users of social networks reacted to the release of bags worth over two thousand dollars from luxury brand Balenciaga, which is reminiscent of a 99-cent bag from IKEA.

A large collection of shoes worn by the leaders of the largest it companies. For example, almost all of them wear sneakers, but some people prefer cheap Jogging models, and other premium models from Gucci, and others.

Google unexpectedly discovered part of the Russian users access to the application payment system for Android Pay. However, the service in Russia has not yet started.

An overview of the entire known output of information about the virus WannaCry. Where did who were infected, what are the motives of the attackers and defend against attacks. The news created by the Ukrainian developers of the service to check the spelling and grammar of text in Grammarly, which attracted the first investment in the amount of $110 million.

Infographics with data on the revenues of the five largest it companies in the world, and information on what products they earn the most. Almost all have a single project that brings more than half of revenue.

The Federal customs service explained why she decided not to let in Russia, Xiaomi smartphones from foreign online stores. The Agency said that in this way fulfil the requirement of the official owner of the rights to the brand in Russia.

The material of the major issues of collectible card games (CCG) Hearthstone audience in early may, reached 70 million people. Users gradually leave the game — the author of the website Deconstructor of Fun Alex Collins (Alex Collins) believes that to blame the confusion and unpredictability of the project.

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Best For The Week

Blocking messengers, the scandal with the “thin ankles”, the collapse of Google and moving to Monaco. The life story of the only Icelandic billionaire Thor Bjorgolfsson.

His first big business he has built in Russia — manufacture of beer “Bochkarev” and other alcoholic beverages, then sold it to Heineken for $400 million, returned to Iceland and became the owner of one of the largest banks in the country. In the crisis of 2008 the Bank was nationalized, and he Bjorgolfsson went bankrupt and nearly went to jail. Not only was he able to pay its creditors, but also to return to the Forbes list of billionaires with a fortune of $1.8 billion.

Interview with an entrepreneur-founder of the community “Overheard” who refuses to reveal his real name and acting for a character named Vladimir Cucumbers. We talked about how to build social networks inside business, which brings a million rubles a month, and why the popular app Secret have failed.

The Founder Of The and service center Jabuka Kirill Logachev three years living in Monaco.

In the column he talked about costs, housing, business and entertainment in the Principality with an area of 2 square kilometers. Employee of the company, the auditor of “big four” tells why a significant number of graduates work in auditing firms is a disgrace.

Most career starts there, and not in investment banking or consulting. This week Roskomnadzor has blocked several foreign messengers.

4 may 2017 in the register of banned sites was made to address Chinese messenger WeChat. This week, users of the Russian segment of Facebook drew attention for the position of PR-specialist of the brand Sultanna Frantsuzova.

In the entry on the page she indicated that the company needed “a talented, lively, enthusiastic brown-haired woman with thin ankles, long eyelashes and a clear mind”. However, the commentary to explained that the publication on the page wore a comic character.

4 may 2017 users were left without access to the popular instant messenger WhatsApp.

The reason was a technical failure in the operation of the service, which was tapped in Russia and the United States, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Chile, Colombia and other countries. Service Downdetector received more than six thousand messages about the failures of WhatsApp.

“It looks like magic, the search engine Google has started to choke” sooner or later comes the sunset, even for the largest corporations. The author of the blog Startup Grind suggested that may cause the collapse of Google and who can be the winner in the fight for custom, advertising money.

Has put together a guide on how to clean up news feeds across all social networks.

And how to make sure that friends do not know that they are unsubscribed. 2 may Roskomnadzor started to massively block the messengers who refused inclusion in the register of the organizers of the dissemination of information. While Russian users have disabled access to most popular BlackBerry Messenger, Imo and Korean Line, as well as audiovisual chat Vchat.

The regulator explained that the messengers refused inclusion in the list of organizers of information dissemination. And representatives “Roskomsnab” I believe that these locks can be a warning to larger players in the market. From Facebook and WhatsApp to Telegram.

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Best For The Week

A paid subscription to music in “Vkontakte”, the life of Russian businessmen in Cyprus and the first phones business. Brand luxury goods Balenciaga has released a new bag worth over $2 thousand, which looks very similar to a 99-cent blue bags from IKEA.

In response to the Swedish retailer has prepared instructions on how to distinguish the original bag from trendy analogue. “VKontakte” for the first time in ten years, updated the music section, changing the navigation on it.

The major change was the emergence of a paid subscription to the music in mobile apps, social networks and disabling caching music to your Android version. Group Safmar, controlled by the Gutseriev family-Shishanov, closed the transaction on purchase of controlling interest in a trading network “M. Video”.

Structures Safmar also belong to a network “Eldorado” and “Technosila”. Province by the sea. Learned from Russian it entrepreneurs, why they move EN masse to Cyprus.

Immigrants from large and small companies told about taxes, climate, infrastructure and business. The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov showed a purported draft of the announcement of a new feature of the messenger. A system of internal payments, video calls, and a service Telescope, which will allow owners of channels to share the video publicly.

Major Russian banks said that if you run in the Telegram of the remittance service they are ready to connect to it.

Elon Musk has demonstrated how the construction of them in the Los Angeles tunnel, which is designed to solve the problem of urban congestion. The entrepreneur wants to build a system of platforms that will automatically deliver the car from one point to another within a few minutes.

Case SEO platform Serpstat, who received 6,400 sales worth more than $250 thousand for a week of presence in international discount coupon service and entered the top 5 best-selling tools in history AppSumo. “As soon as there is a crisis, Im going to learn”.

Dmitry Voloshin told about the five types of crises, out of which training. “To send SMS I had to memorize the phone or write it on paper”. Russian entrepreneurs remembered their first mobile phones.

Owned by developer Alexander Dolgin company DCA finally closed rekomendatsii service “Imhonet”, the development of which has been suspended since the beginning of 2017. The entrepreneur decided to focus on other areas of business.

The closure of the project came as a surprise to users who complained about the loss of large amounts of accumulated recommendations.

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Best For The Week

Useless juicer Juceiro, logotip “Artemiy Lebedev Studio” for “small and poor” start-UPS and a story about the work in Ireland. Investors American juicer Juicero found that the bags with the juice you can squeeze with your hands.

While the startup has already raised $120 million.

The founder of the retail company OneCommerceGroup Nikita Bovykin has prepared a step by step instruction on how to sell on Amazon to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month while in Russia. Interview with CEO and founder of the TV channel “Rain” Natalia Sindeeva.

She opened the financial performance of the company and announced a new strategy of brand promotion on the Internet.

Material Business Insider about why the cost of Teslas overvalued, and the value of traditional U.S. automakers from Detroit are actually higher. Nizhny Novgorod businessman Dmitry Kuzin presented his version of the scandalous bankruptcy of cafe “Kudelina”.

“Lebedev Studio” has proposed the creation of a logo “small and poor” startups for 100 thousand rubles.

The offer is valid within the service “Express design” and, according to Lebedev, is “at least ten times cheaper” is the initial price. The CEO of the controversial startup Juceiro responded to the allegations by Bloomberg, of the uselessness of the device.

He does not deny that the juice you have to squeeze hands, but doubts that the result will be equivalent to the machine. Officials decided to prohibit the bypass of locks by using a VPN and anonymizers.

The authors of the document propose to oblige anonymizers and VPN services to cooperate with the registry of banned sites Roskomnadzor to block access to the addresses contained therein. Engineer from Tomsk Mikhail Grigoriev told about the life, work and study in Ireland.

Article publication “Ideologica” about how the famous management theorist Peter Druckers help to organize the workflow.

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Best For The Week

Work on Elon musk, the highest salaries in USA and life with Google Home. Work 12 hours a day and minute-by-minute plans — gathered material on how people work in companies Elon musk, what kind of staff he is looking for and what is required of them.

The company Hyperloop One involved in the creation of a transportation system of passengers in the vacuum tube, announced the first 11 routes in the United States. And we compared them with popular Russian directions.

The story of a former employee of the Chinese factory Pegatron, which conditions are going the Apple smartphones.

Capitalization of United Airlines dropped to $800 million after the incident with hard removing a passenger from the flight. @united @FoxNews @CNN not a good way to treat a Doctor trying to get to work because they had overbooked How to make a business out of a personal account — collected stories young mothers from Russia.

The transfer of material from the intelligence Fund Andreessen Horowitz Benedict Evans about how unmanned vehicles will change the real estate market, cigarettes, and police work.

25 U.S. companies with the highest salaries — an annual ranking from Glassdoor. Why you need a home helper Google Home and how to live with it — says the editor who spent with the device for two weeks.

Top Manager of “MegaFon” has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the size of gigabytes. Apple believes that the Gigabyte 1000 megabytes, and Russian legislation — otherwise.

Open year business — has selected five options with high return for several seasons.

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Best For The Week

Career mistakes, free pancakes, psychological tricks and Uber massive emergence of virtual operators. The most widely read material was the analysis from the founder of the educational project Dmitry Voloshin, who described the most common career mistakes made by man in the first two thirds of his life.

The observation of little-known Twitter account chief of network “Teremok” Mikhail Goncharov, who himself is looking for feedback about his company, meets them, talks about work and shares his thoughts. My journey into the business in 1990, began with the fact that having 120₽ asked at the Riga market the price of shoes was 360₽. I realized something wrong with me.

The case of CTC, which has lost nine thousand members in “Vkontakte” because of a failed social media campaign for the movie “the Hunger games”.

The news about the operator Tele2, which is the last of the “big four” declined to unlimited Internet. An investigation by The New York Times about the tools impact drivers who use the Uber to encourage them to work more.

The news about the services of Uber, “Takawiki” and “Yandex.Taxi” that became free to operate after the explosion in St. Petersburg metro.

Russian entrepreneurs Andrey Zagoruiko, Nikolay Belousov and Andrey Azarov has launched an online shop for retail and wholesale purchases of food and goods of daily demand “Prozapas”. They promise savings on items that are needed in the first place.

The reasoning of font designers and developers about the variable fonts (technology, thanks to which a single font file that behaves like an infinite number of shapes) and their importance for design in Russia and in the world. Russian Dmitry Gushchin tried to replicate the American mob asking fast food chains to provide free food in exchange for a certain amount of retweets. On his request answered in “Teremok”, demanding to collect 50 thousand retweets in a month.

Guys, just 50K. Help mit to a cherished blinci A compilation of the views of analysts about the desire of the Railways, “Vkontakte”, “savings” and other large companies to develop their virtual operators.


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Best For The Week

The refusal of the operators from unlimited Internet, interviews with Oscar Hartmann, calls to the Telegram. The most readable material of the week — letter of the psychologist Olga Jurkowski, which accused the project Elena Torshina in unfair work.

Torshin sent a response letter with his point of view on the situation. The chronicle of how the largest Russian operators first introduced, and then refused unlimited Internet — plus experts opinions. Assembled it on the news about how the unlimited tariff MTS refused.

Interview with the founder of KupiVIP, CarFix and What Oscar Hartmann about the business lessons, mistakes and relations with partners of failed projects.

Column by American journalist about why to buy tickets and book rooms became more profitable on the websites of airlines and hotels, and not to the websites of aggregators. In the review — discussion of market participants who discuss what the author wrong. A small observation about how users took the connection calls in the Telegram by the method of “from user to user” for a viral PR mechanism.

Restaurant Burger King still paid a fine of 110 thousand rubles for refusal to give a free pie with cherries, promised in the advertising.

The study. How many are it professionals in the U.S. and what skills employers value above all. Biography of billionaire David Rockefeller, who died March 20 of this year.

In “Yandex” has responded to claims by users of inadequate lighting “Yandex.News” anti-corruption rallies March 26, 2017 — according to company representatives, the subject of bad coverage by the official media, and the aggregator there are problems with combining materials in a single plot.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with the “curved” screen and a fingerprint sensor on the back panel.

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