Best Per Week: Rating Of The Cheapest Countries To Live, A Story About Moving To San Francisco And Testing The Online Store Tinkoff Store

The most popular and discussed texts in a week in the traditional Sunday digest. American company GoBankingRates published a list of 50 of the cheapest countries to live. The study took into account several factors. The index of purchasing power, the level of rents in the consumer basket and the cost of local services.

“The choice of a new place was for me clear”. Nizhny Novgorod entrepreneur Ilya Osipov wrote a column in which he shared his experience of moving to San Francisco.

“Tinkoff Bank” started testing the online store Tinkoff Store. Through the service customers can buy a smartphone in installments or on credit.

“Letters of the staff of the English language will not make a company international”. Have collected interesting opinions about the initiative of the owner of a chain pizzeria “Dodo Pizza” Fyodor Ovchinnikov translate all internal communication in the management of the company in English. “The car as if she is asking for an accident”.

The author of the blog Backchannel mark Harris talked to the owners of the cars Tesla, which told him about the most common problems autopilot. Some errors occurred so often that it got its own nickname, like “passion for heavy trucks” or “dance on the strip”.

Explorer figured out how to use the network and hardware resources in a “sleeping” computer. For example, they can “rent” scientists as of additional computing power — in some cases it turns out to be profitable. Why the system of “smart home” from the Belarusian manufacturers first proved unpopular.

Talked to the Director of Nero, who spoke about how hostile the design of devices to scare away the users, despite of its functionality. TechCrunch found in the Dating service Tinder a hidden mode for the “rich and famous”.

Access this mode, Select Tinder — unable to “elite users”. Well-known CEOs, top models and other attractive or influential people. Sources told RBC on the number of daily trips in “Yandex.Taxi,” Uber and Gettaxi in Russia.

In 2016 Uber Gett bypassed by the number of daily trips on the Russian market of mobile services for taxi and took second place. The leader remains “Yandex.Taxi”. “Such a model does not increase the size of the market”. Partner Asha Labs SEIA Paboda published on Medium a column about that,why is Uber, delivery services and other project intermediaries will never go into profit.

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