Best this week: highest-paid videoblogger, changes in the team of “Kinopoisk”, advertising American Apparel

Forbes ranked the most highly paid videoblogger on YouTube. The leader was a Swede Felix Kjellberg under the alias Pewdiepie, who maintains a blog about video games, — year he earned $12 million.

The opinion of one of the first employees of “Yandex” about what is happening in the company. The main problem of the current “Yandex” in that there Volozh, but not the “Arcady”.

New head of “Kinopoisk” Dmitry Stepanov has announced the departure of the project team. According to representatives of “Yandex”, “decision of leaving part of the staff taken as a violation of the NDA”.

Blocked Kickstarter has collected more than $4 million project laser razor because of the lack of a working prototype. The fundraising campaign for the device has restarted on the site Indiegogo.

Provocative American Apparel ads and lawsuits against it.

30 tactics to optimize conversion on the basis of users psychology. Contrasting color for the button target action, increase white space, the use of the framework for transmission of depth.

Mass holocracy. Why more and more companies refuse managers — examples of Zappos and other companies.

Marketer “IMDb” complained a wave of insults and threats from users. She later announced his departure from the company.

Alisher Usmanov and several partners to invest about $100 million in the Russian project Virtus According to a member of the Board of Directors of USM Holdings Ivan streshinskiy, “ is the flagship e-sports industry in Russia”.

The head of media services, “Yandex” Dmitry Stepanov has left his post to lead the “Kinopoisk”, instead of Olga Lilia Mansurova has. “After analyzing the causes of the incident, I decided that I need to focus on your product and take responsibility for his future,” he said.


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