Best This Week: The Death Of Nasty Gal, The IPO Snapchat And Living In Alabama

The most popular and discussed texts in a week in the traditional Sunday digest. 1. The head of Uber, Travis Kalanick after the trip started to argue with driver service for lower prices. Later he had to apologize and promise to hire a specialist to practice leadership skills.

This is just one of the scandals that happened with Uber for the last time. 2. “We automated everything we could”. The material about the Russian entrepreneur Tikhon Slanting that develops in Moscow a network of digital fitness club.

The story of the emigrant to move to the city of mobile, Alabama. How much is the medicine and utilities, as is the situation with racism, food and cheese, how retailers work and how to make the respectable reputation of the solvent in a population.

4. “To invest $200 million and earn $100 million is not a business”. Article about why the death of online fashion store Nasty Gal. 5. New Zealand were offered a free one-week trip in country candidates to the it profession.

You dont even need to look for a job — the organizers of the trip themselves will take care of it. 6. Books that are worth reading entrepreneurs — the list from the founder of Dropbox drew Houston.

A total of 11 points. 7. Republic of letters. Professor of Economics and history Joel Mokyr asked a question about why the unprecedented wealth and the best minds are concentrated in Europe.

8. FRII has announced the launch of a program to support VR startups in partnership with Samsung, Mail.Ru Group and “Gazprom oil”. 9. From the richest man of Brazil to the loser. The story of Eike Batista, who at one time was the richest man of Brazil, but because of failures in the oil industry and the crisis lost most of their multibillion-dollar fortune.

10. $34 billion for Snapchat. Material about what caused the high cost published on the stock exchange the companys Snap (developer messenger Snapchat) and whether the company to justify it — at least in the long term.

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