Best this week: the Future of Evernote, impressions of the iPhone 6s and the new interface “IMDb”

The most popular material of the week — review from the blog “”Megaplan “” how to set goals today, twenty years, “generation Z”. Great story about the drug modafinil, which is becoming increasingly popular among office workers in the West.

Global crashing Skype disrupted the operation of the service for 18 hours — at the time of suspending work in offices around the world. Pavel Durov announced the emergence of fee-based services from third-party developers in the Telegram, told about his attitude to WhatsApp, pornoboca in his messenger and terrorists who use Telegram.

Evernote — the first “unicorn”. So says the founder of the blogging platform Syrah Josh Dixon and reinforces your opinion with facts.

Aviasales fired Director of marketing for the discrepancy between the posts after two months of work. “Beeline” found among former employees of a criminal group that “stole” the SIM card customers.

The first users of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus told us about their experiences. Published the interface is a closed-source version of “IMDb” with online cinema, “Yandex” has launched in beta testing.

Dug around in the backpack editor TJ Nikita Likhachev (but never found out why he carries a straps).


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