Best this week: the ineffectiveness of the “SKOLKOVO” Foundation, rise at 5 am and the scandal with the “Rocketboom”

The most popular material of the week was the news that the Russian government will consider the elimination of “RUSNANO” and “SKOLKOVO” because of their ineffectiveness. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that “while the innovation support system is far from perfect”.

Google has paid out to a random buyer compensation similar to Google — $6006,13. Yandex launched a free online course School of design — students will be able to consistently pass all sections of the School, listening to lectures of employees of “Yandex” and simultaneously engaging in their own projects.

“The truth is, I Wake up at five in the morning is hell.”. The founder of the blogging platform Patrick Park wrote about how he is developing his own startup before the main job from 5 to 7 a.m. He told how he managed to force myself to Wake up so early, what methods of motivation have tried and what the morning routine he follows.

What business is run in a time of crisis — interview with famous Russian investors. Liquidity problems in the Bank “Intercommerz” has led to failures in work “Rosebank” — the representatives of financial services has told about a small conflict with the Bank.

“Izvestia” found founder — it was a little-known Moscow businessman Egor Minin, who also handles the hosting of photos It is unknown whether he owns a tracker today.

He described the history of the failure of the “nano-drone” Zano, who collected a record $3.5 million on Kickstarter. Instructive.

Chief editor spent a whole week without touching the mouse or touchpad — worked exclusively on the iPad Pro, using the stylus and special keyboard. The results of this inhuman experiment in his material.

Closes digest the news that the main developer of an Android application “Vkontakte” Gregory Klyushnikov left the company.


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