Best This Week: YouTube-bloggers, Restart Nokia 3310 And Stories About Overseas Business

The most popular and discussed texts in a week in the traditional Sunday digest. 1. The owner of the service advertising for bloggers qaazqaaz Denis Shayakhmetov wrote a column about how the advertising market of Russian-speaking YouTube bloggers, why the potential advertising worth less than one penny, and where to find the majority of bloggers.

The story of the WooTrip service that allows you to plan a journey-an adventure for the weekend and costs 17 thousand rubles per trip. About the destination the traveler only finds out the day before departure.

3. According to leaks, in February 2017, the Finnish company HMD Global, which owns the rights to release devices under the Nokia brand, will present a modern version of the classic Nokia 3310. We only know that it will cost less than four thousand rubles. Sources told Bloomberg that some employees of Google on the development of systems for unmanned vehicles left the company because of the high payout rate which they were receiving. According to them, the staff received so many that we were able to open their start-UPS.

5. Creator Menumake and Postio Alex Moscow wrote to the editor the letter that awaits the person who chooses to work remotely in Asian countries. The author also talked about the expensive co-working spaces, poor Internet and condescending attitude of office workers.

6. CEO of quest project to “Leave the room” Artem Kramin talked about the specifics of starting business in different countries of Europe and the USA. The author gives tips from personal experience, which can help to avoid the most common mistakes associated with doing business abroad. 7. Co-founder of the service One Million Likes Alexander Poltoratskiy revealed the theory of ranking in Instagram, which he gave, based on the history of the development of the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the speeches and articles of their engineers.

8. The founder of the Agency for promotion of sites Remarka Dmitry Shakhov wrote a column about the players in the SEO market, where it is explained why prices are so different for these services in different segments and what determines the quality of their provision. 9. The founder of a trading platform for business Supl.Biz Evgeny Dyachenko told how their project has attracted investments, expanded, tried to enter the international market and as a result has achieved revenues of two million rubles a month.

Translation of history of the Russian developer Moscow Alex about how he developed SaaS-based platform for collecting and publishing posts in social networks Postio, which is 14 months after the launch began to make monthly $3700.

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