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The General Director of the law firm Axon Parters Dmytro Gadomsky said in his blog on Medium, why is this system of organization management difficulty taking root in the jurisprudence. This text and what is behind it, I try to convince yourself first that holocracy in the post-industrial jurisprudence much better hierarchy.

In Deloitte, it was decided to exchange a variety of critical remarks on the corporate world. Most of all I remember thats about the consulting business.

Its realistic and funny, but dammit, the management pyramid working here for years. Customers are the “big four” auditing companies for the quality. Most known to me law firms and close not up to her quality. And, founding Axon Partners, we copied this model and quality.

I first heard that the world is on some threshold in January 2016, when after the forum in Davos with these news blossomed Internet. In Wikipedia the definition of the fourth industrial revolution sinister. The predicted event, the mass introduction of cyber-physical systems in manufacturing (industry 4.0), the service of human needs, including life, work and leisure.

The changes will cover a variety of aspects of life. Labour market, living environment, political system, technological system, human identity and the other. Called to life the economic feasibility and attractiveness of improving the quality of life, the fourth industrial revolution carries the risk of increasing instability and possible collapse of the world system, therefore its occurrence is perceived as a challenge that mankind will have to answer.

It turns out that the Internet, automation, Prozorro and electronic Declaration is just patches on the holes of the past. And the future is not clear at all what. We see only a small piece of that future.

It is for us from robots with artificial intelligence, neural networks, nanocomputers. Every hundred years something is happening “the world is changing”. Just the horizon of our thinking is normally less than 100 years, and what lessons we could learn from previous industrial revolutions, which would be relevant to todays situation.

The only lesson, for me, is that you need to change or die. COWPERWOOD, as you remember, made a fortune in horse-iron city roads, but the industrial revolution did not survive.

One of my bosses is a respected partner of top and successful law firms — usually the whole day doing nothing. The doors were glass, and I did exactly this conclusion about his work schedule.

Now I am the managing partner of the law firm, not so successful and even fewer top. Then, long ago, I too wanted to become a partner, and nothing to do. But I cant. And heres why.

I have over 10 years of legal experience, I worked with IBM, Intel, Microsoft, BlaBlaCar, Erste Bank, I taught at several universities, they know how to sound smart in meetings and various conferences. But I still consider myself less intelligent than lawyers who work in the Axon from the power of the third year after University.

And smarter they are because faster searching for information, better me program, to better organize processes, better planning and better predict the future. No one cares how old I am, or what I have written on the card, if someone from the clerk thinks Im wrong. You argued once with your partner. And with an Intern were arguing.

And if I dont work, it will be evident to all without exception.

I dont know what motivates them and all the time trying to figure that out. We gather for strategic sessions, have tactical meetings, constantly think of the development of the company, prescribe values and goals. All together.

The issue of salaries and bonuses of course rises. Former classmates of our lawyers working in top law firms and earn sometimes twice as much. However, they are still working with us. What keeps them here.

To bring documents to the office to make copies, to prepare for a new client, LSA — boring and uninteresting. To get even an Intern to do boring work, of course, but is it worth it to get?. There are excellent lawyers who do not want to live in Kiev but not against to work remotely.

If before law firms compete for lawyers with other law firms, but now we are competing even with the platforms. The time has passed when for the article in the “law of Ukraine” the company encouraged the lawyer. No one cares what you write in this abyss boilerplate texts full of “Krzy prism”, “ubachs”, “so” I “Danu issues dosljak tak vchen, Yak”.

In web 2.0 it is important what you write in social networks, comment if youre a Medium and how much you have subscribers on YouTube. It turns out that I am surrounded by enterprising and creative people with their own opinions and lack of any fear of my undisputed authority (on the basis of age or belly). They can easily find themselves orders on freelance platforms nakodit legal bot, dont like to do boring work and I can not stand when they are guided by.

They are not motivated by money, they do not want to sit in the office, they have more than I have followers on Twitter. A good phrase I heard from a friend of Genis Rusinskogo: Easily manage a herd of sheep.

Try to direct a bunch of cats. Todays young lawyers — a bunch of cats. If you order them, they will not respond to the order.

If you punish them, they will snap and send me to hell. Im now convincing myself, so I will be honest. We have no holocracy.

Holocracy is a very highly regulated model of governance “cats”. The Constitution clearly prescribed roles, rigid rules and procedures. Not all of this is.

But the hierarchy we have no. Heres how we work: We do not facilities meeting the wishes of holocracy.

All of our lawyers — partners in the company, but we are still not discharged the role of each, as required holocracy. But save us the customary procession of cliches like “Junior associate”, “senior associate” and “partner”. Because its not holocracy. We still have a way to copy the working model, no one uses it in consulting.

But I never wanted to go back to the hierarchy and to be someones head. So while we have adhocracy. For me, the hierarchy is similar to a Symphony orchestra. There is one alpha male, the written notes, a clear distribution of roles.

It looks like this. Now imagine jazz jam. When you are not familiar with each other, the musicians take turns playing on the stage.

They know the subject and know your instrument. They have no idea how many notes they play, and how long it will last composition. They will play and improvise in the framework of the topic, while they will have something to say and while viewers are gonna like it.

We, of course, not as good lawyers as they are musicians, but when I wrote above about improvisation, it meant something like that. We live for a year in this experiment with no hierarchy. During the year we doubled (9, 19).

None of the lawyers from us are gone. Seven lawyers have become partners. No one month we were not at a loss. We didnt make any significant errors (at least, I dont regret any of the decisions).

We have a legal bot that prepares legal documents. Two projects we have in development. We are in the top 15 HR-brands in the top three law firms working in the it field. And English the Lawyer magazine last award Business Leadership Awards have included us in the shortlist in several categories.

Do I think the hierarchy of trash as revenge for what most consider trash kalakriti. No. Autumn Leaves performed by a Symphony orchestra is no worse than the performance of Chick Corea Acoustic Band.

But they are quite different. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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