Blank Messenger Where The Other Person Sees A Set Of Messages In Real Time

I Pyotr Lobanov, 28 years old, Im from Saint-Petersburg. I have the main off-line business network Burger bars. What is a startup, I learned about a year ago. Us with the friend from high school came up with an interesting idea and we felt the strength to put it together.

The delusional that we decided to do the messenger, and so a dime a dozen and the market is an oligopoly. He captured four or five leading players. We all did not stop, and we decided to develop a simple messenger where the text in the conversation appears letter by letter in real time, and then disappears. I wanted to give the usual correspondence of the element of the living presence and emotion.

Its funny to see how someone types you a message right this second, that is, the “Send” button is no longer needed. We had no problem to do another clone of WhatsApp or Viber. We understand that this is a niche product and it is not suitable for everyone. There is no clarity with the monetization, but initially we just wanted to implement a cool idea.

The project did not involve third-party investments, to develop applications spent more than 800 thousand rubles. The team has only three people. The two founders and a girl-marketer. All development on outsource basis, we, of course, wildly hardship.

We started just a couple of days ago (may 17), we now have just over 3000 users — of course, nothing, but we are happy, especially considering that advertising and promotion not invested a penny. In plans — development and development. Lets see how everything goes.

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