Books That Are Worth Reading Entrepreneurs €? The List From The Founder Of Dropbox

Founder and CEO of “cloud” service Dropbox drew Houston in response to a question on the Quora service has published a list of books that, in his opinion, a must read for every entrepreneur. Edition publishes the list completely. “I have always believed reading is vital.

Most founders of companies do not devote enough time reading and making mistakes, which could avoided examining the experience of others,” writes Houston. The founder of Dropbox believes that entrepreneurs should particularly focus on two things. What is their company and how it comes to this. It offers several books that, in his opinion, will not only benefit the business but will also help to look at the project from different angles.

€? “Play to win”, Alan Lafley and Roger Martin. “Good strategy, bad strategy”, Richard Rumelt.

€? “The innovators dilemma”, Clayton Christensen. €? “Bridging the chasm”, Geoffrey Moore. €? “High performance management” by Andrew grove.

This book Houston calls my favorite product management organization. €? “Effective Manager”, Peter Drucker. €? “How it all began,” Jessica Livingston.

€? “It wont be easy”, Ben Horowitz. €? “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”, Robert Pirsig.

€? “Poor Charlies almanac”, Charles Munger. “The Score Takes Care of Itself”, bill Walsh.

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