Booze Is An IOS App With A Subscription To The Daily Cocktails At The Bars

My name is Lyudmila Vakhrameev, Im 28 years old. Involved in the development of startups in the last four years. I believe that the best ideas come while relaxing, and traveling. In one of his trips to Europe with friends, we came up with the idea for the app.

Every time I come to a new place, we Google where to go to rest, go from one site to another, read the ratings and descriptions of institutions. Draw attention to promotions and offers bars, but which of them to stop looking. Then we started thinking about what you need to make an application that will inform about all such promotions, “happy hours” and other privileges that offer the best places of the city to attract visitors.

Another aggregator uninteresting nor the institutions nor the visitors. We found more reasonable and fair option — a private club “for their” with a paid subscription, club privileges. Participation in the club allows you to receive daily one cocktail in hand-picked by our experts institutions. We become the link between bars and club members. To ensure a win-win strategy, we need to efficiently pick up both the institution and visitors.

The interest of the visitors clear. To obtain privileges in the best schools of the city. But the audience, which places will be happy to see the must match their level, so we dont walk the streets and do not cry, for 21 rubles per day you can drink a cool cocktail in a cool bar.

For invitation of the members of the club we give out to our friends at special promotional codes. They invite their friends, and those of their. To join the club and pay the subscription, you need to have the code that can share a valid member of the club. Sometimes we publish special promotions for partners in a limited edition.

For example, the first 50 readers of this article will be able to pay for a subscription with promo code VCRU. So we protect the interests and institutions, and visitors. The very mobile application has already set the person to rest, to be simple and clear. The ease and convenience are the main criteria that we wanted to achieve.

On the other hand, the application must protect our clients from possible fraud users. This problem we solved a hundred. To generate a QR code to obtain the cocktails only from the device on which paid subscription, only the bar, where the visitor, and only once a day.

1 we may in a test mode launched the service with nine bars in Moscow, and by 1 June it became clear that this quantity can not do. Now we connect new bars, restaurants and night clubs. Soon we are joined by St. Petersburg, in September — Barcelona and London. So we are not limited neither by Moscow, nor Russia, even after the idea came to us during the journey.

We are constantly updating our app. You can not only get daily cocktails, but also to learn their recipes, watch how much money saved per month and what news do favorite establishments.

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