Both Russian And Foreign Brands Joke On 1 April

Invisible pizza, rent bathrooms, rebranding and renaming. Service-rent private housing, Airbnb has announced a rental service bathrooms in Moscow during a season of outages of hot water.

The company introduced the service “Yandex.Crossword”. Antivirus developer, spoke about the creation of a protective system for home Kaspersky Home Security. At the end of the infomercial, the viewer realizes that the new product is a dog.

Representatives of the network of pizzerias announced the creation of an invisible pizza. The Bank told about the start of the function “History” in your mobile app.

The organization also announced the delivery of the money drones. The company offered to add a contactless payment function to the yellow and red cards. “You just need to put the card to the chip embedded in the shirt of a player of the offending, and the penalty amount will immediately be debited from the account of the club.”.

The Bank announced a version of mobile Bank for Nokia 3310. If you hover over the quest card it cover changes to theme GIF animation. In mobile Google Maps there was a game in the style of Pac-Man, where the playing field is a real map.

The company also introduced voice assistant Google Gnome for outdoor use — for example, in the garden. Google in Japan showed the keyboard to relieve stress, which works with air bubble film.

Service presented wearable on hand device that you can use to call the car. The public catering network has announced the launch of a brand of toothpaste with a flavor of “Whopper” is one of the major sandwich company. The app Snapchat has a filter in the style of Instagram.

Rapidsharegay service BlaBlaCar has announced that it plans to change the name to JSC “Rostransavto” — “to develop travel companions in Russia” and follow the “initiatives of parliamentarians working to eliminate the use of foreign words”. Affiliate platform ePN launched online store, which sells underwear with built-in smart chip with a Bluetooth module “for the protection of cashback” from “malicious”plug-ins.

The operator has updated the design of your page in “Vkontakte”. MTS presented the messenger “Golubevym” to communicate with pigeons. The operator played its subscribers in “Vkontakte”, promising to tell about the secrets of “endless Internet” link that leads to the same recording.

On the main portal page appeared fish. The company also issued a press release dedicated to the “study launched in the last three years of memes in the Russian segment of the Internet.”.

The company introduced two new products — a refrigerator for those who are losing weight (with locking doors after 18:00) and Galaxy A360 Edition with built-in panoramic camera Gear 360 is the main and the front camera. The company announced the launch of the “Karlovacko” with apples, oats or sugar. The social network gave some users the ability to short time to return to the old design.

Also included the ability to edit the profile pictures of other people — to apply the stickers. The website for the selection and comparison of financial products “to” presented rebreninga in the Soviet style — in addition to the new design, the domain, the logo was changed tosu was also renamed sections — for example, the feedback section was called “to Write a denunciation”.

The company launched a service to search the missing freelancers — Freelance Busters. The user can find phone numbers and addresses of freelancers, using the information available to it — username on the exchange of freelancing, Skype and so on. The social network announced that it has become the title sponsor of the football club “Lokomotiv”. Happy April Fools' Day.

Check out the trending stickers tab on @telegram featuring Mr. Trump, Ms. Monroe and (more.. Delivery company shoes presented the invisible box to keep the delivered goods against theft.

Service for learning of foreign languages has provided language course Emoji. The company announced a analogue personal assistant Alexa for dogs.

The automaker decided to tie the vehicle signals to symbols Emoji. The Singapore division of IKEA has announced that it will turn an ordinary game room into the room where children will be comfortable to sit down with the tablets that they “now prefer physical activity”. Canadian network KFC introduced a KFC Bucket “”smart” dining assistant”.

Gaming website reshaped and began to publish materials devoted to fishing. The company announced the start of production of heavy-duty material adamantium. “Responsible for production will be Sergey Logan, honoured specialist of the international steel market”.

The tour operator has launched a project of colonization of Mars. Internet Mall began to use “robodoc” to design, build and delivery of goods.

The company called immediately to stop the abuse of robots. Platform for communication of small and medium businesses there was “History”. The Bank has launched a service using which, the user can call the collector and make a short photo shoot with the money.

The Bank began to assemble a team for racing on collector cars. Domain name Registrar announced the introduction of konnogo document. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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