Botmarket Platform To Run Bots Online Stores In The Telegram Without A Code

Hi. My name is Alex, I am 24 years old. For 2-3 years doing various projects as a product Manager and developer. Now our team of three people makes a platform for running bots stores in the Telegram (without programming). This store is much more convenient to use with the phone than a website, as it requires much less bandwidth to load, product catalog and shopping cart optimized for smaller mobile device screen.

When you specify the delivery details, you can just send your contacts and geolocation, this information is saved by default for the next order. Correspondence with the bot is saved in the history. This is an analogue of the auto-add to bookmarks. You will be much easier: We also have a web admin panel is available without additional configuration and registration (via a unique secret link).

If you already have a store in “Vkontakte”, products you can import directly from there, just throwing off the link to our bot. It also supports importing of goods from XLS or CSV. Now we are working on integration with other popular systems. Due to the low price of the installations and attract users, chat shop in the Telegram can be a good additional sales channel, and will also help to increase the quality of interaction with existing customers and get feedback more quickly. Our platform is free for all users.

A beta version is available at link. We will be glad to hear constructive feedback and suggestions for development. Telegram bots is one of the most popular themes of the last six months. In this sense, the project is trending. In principle, the Telegram may be much more convenient platform for communication of retailers with their customers, rather than individual apps for each store, requiring separate installation.

Although the platform and imposes certain restrictions. Not sure there is a convenient to view catalogs. But the status and history of orders — at the time. From the description of a startup it is unclear main.

How exactly is Alex going to monetize your project. Especially considering the fact that the platform is free for all users. If the platform offers retailers extra value, you can borrow money from them for the subscription. But its a maximum of a few thousand large retailers, and a couple hundred with small. To put the project out of the plane “hobby” into a full fledged business, the question of monetization will have to decide.

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